Going to the woods…

The trees branches, bent to the ground by the airy beautiful substance of transformation.
Drowned paths impassable in spring when the stuff melts.
What was white and clean, is now brown, black and sticky.
Soon substance of transformation tumbles in beautifully decorated pipes.
Excellent arteries are living and sparkling in light summer rain.
Then slowly the tumbling stops and paths are covered with gold.
Days grow shorter and colder.
Trees stately sleep when airy transformation fluff feathery paint the tree branches white.
Bend them to the ground when transformation fluff are numerous enough…

Hanna Greenwood

The Bog - Bøllemosen
The Bog - Bøllemosen
The Bog - Bøllemosen

Going to the woods is going home.
John Muir

16 Comments on “Going to the woods…

    • The Autumn is golden at the moment with sunlight on the glowing birch leaves. Thank you, Alexander!

  1. What gorgeous colors and compositions! I feel like I’ve been to the woods with you — and it does indeed feel like going home. Thank you for this beautiful moment, Hanna.

    • Thank you for your lovely comment, Hanne. The light is an eternal source of inspiration. Now everything is changing due to leaf fall ❤

    • Encantada de saber de ti, Isabel. El follaje de los árboles de abedul es irresistible. Le deseo una semana maravillosa!!

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