The Burial Mounds and Dolmens

We walk silent between dolmens and burial mounds. Trees stand as exuberant dragons in the afternoon sun. A fallen tree trunk in the sun forms a bench. The trunk lies up against a huge dolmen. We hear some faint indefinable sounds near the dolmen, but there is nothing to see.
Then suddenly a squirrel rush towards a lovely tree and disappears up the tree trunk in small glimpses.
Mysterious noises and large dolmens.
I thought Halloween had business with spirits in the graves.

Tokkekøb Hegn
Tokkekøb Hegn
Tokkekøb Hegn

12 thoughts on “The Burial Mounds and Dolmens

    • Hi Peggy. The woods Tokkekøb Hegn is famous for its many dolmens from the Neolithic period. There are 23 registered barrows, which includes both long barrows, round dolmens and passage graves.
      The rarity of the one we sat close to is a well preserved and exposed dolmens with four tombs. Total measuring the elongate area 25x8x1 meters. There are a total of 30 border stones. All four chambers are quite large – between 1.6 and 2.10 meters long.
      In other words: There are room for many eerie spirits 🙂
      Love, Hanna

  1. Ha, this is the right way to enjoy the last golden days of autumn, Hanna.
    The days are getting shorter and colder …

    • Dear Hanne. These last days of October have been incredibly beautiful. Yes, I am glad that I had the opportunity to be outdoors!!

      • Unfortunately, we have wavy weather right now. Yesterday we had +22C and today only +9C and rain. Anyway, the nature is beautiful. It looks we expect real winter this year and will enjoy it. We’ll see.
        Have a nice week, Hanna.

      • We have loads of berries and fruits this year. It heralds a severe winter according to an old advice from the farmer.
        Wish you a lovely week, Alexander!!

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