The Vivifying Old Forest

I’m on a walk from Mårum to Kagerup. The two old villages are linked by a railway which winds its way up through the old wonderful forest.
It’s a long time since I’ve been here, and the small paths are hidden under the fallen leaves. Only hollows reveal the path at random places.
I am glad that I can recall the way. The forest is changing due to the climate.
Fallen trees block the paths, but new footpaths meander about giant tangled network of roots and treetops.
Previously, forest workers removed the fallen trees, but today many trees are left in the undergrowth for the benefit of biodiversity
I don’t meet the horses today but instead I have a lovely chat with two fellow sufferers; walking and nature nuts 🙂

Wish you all a happy walk out there and don’t forget first second and third lunch!!

22 thoughts on “The Vivifying Old Forest

    • One gathers a lot of appetite on a walk like this, Joe 🙂 A sole ‘Solea solea’ with potatoes and vegetables would be superb 🙂

  1. Un lugar maravilloso donde en el que la vida se puede decir que es bella. Tus fotos son todas magníficas, y como me gustan mucho los puentes, hoy elijo como preferidas las fotos 1 y 3. Muchas gracias por compartir un lugar tan bello.
    Feliz domingo!!

    • Dear Isabel. Sometimes it’s a big challenge to choose among the pictures to represent the walk. But the low sunlight, the golden glint in leaves and the ‘little fire ‘ in the forest floor are worth to remember!! ❤
      Happy Sunday,

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