The Blueberry Season

I shot the blueberry season underway yesterday. An early start for a delicious morsel. The characteristic for the blueberries are an upright, deciduous dwarf shrub with dark blue berries. Shrub is from 15 to 45 cm and is easily recognised because the branches are square, green and smooth. The leaves are 8-25 mm long, finely serrated, short-stemmed and green underside. Later in the year the leaves are often brown spotted. The flowers are first light, since red-green to completely red and sitting solitary in axils. The bloated jar shaped flowers are four to seven millimetres long; the stamens are smooth. The berries are six to eight mm, dark blue, or black glistening with a purple juice that reveals the blueberry eat socket when the lips are coloured blue – Very revealing, I might add.

Wish you all a good hunt!!!

15 thoughts on “The Blueberry Season

    • Thank you ❤ We love them too and take the time to collect …but eating them goes very fast though 🙂

  1. We have blueberries in Canada. I make amazing blueberry pie & tarts! Pies and tarts are the only desserts I bake. Sometimes I make blueberry w/ lime pie…or blueberry & apricot rings pie. Oh, now I’m hungry!

  2. Your photos are always magnificent, but that first one is especially GORGEOUS. Beautifully done, Hannah!

    • Heather, it was a very beautiful day and no matter where I turned the light and motives were fantastic.
      Thanks a lot for your lovely encouragement ❤ 🙂

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