The most scary animal in Denmark

The most scary animal is now seen in a Danish forest near Eghjorten
by me.
It can fly which make it even more dangerous.
Luckily it only flies for a short distance of 300 meter but the sound of it is terrifying.
When it flies the animal sounds like a lawnmower.
If you imaging a monster flying around saying like a lawnmower with giant jaws.
But the most uplifting thing is that it’s only a beetle.

Jægersborg Dyrehave

The beetle was an extinct insect in Denmark after 1970. Now 40 of the largest beetles are imported from Sweden and Poland.
The name is Lucanus Cervus or the Stag Beetle.

15 thoughts on “The most scary animal in Denmark

    • Gracias espero que escarabajos de tienen un gran verano. Una gran cantidad de trabajo ha seguido adelante con la creación de un entorno adecuado.
      Un abrazo,

    • You make me laugh, Resa. Actually it would be great fun and interesting too if I saw one in bright daylight of course :-)..or maybe not 😀

  1. That would terrify me if I didn’t know what it was and I saw it flying around! But seen through your eyes it’s really beautiful. xx

    • I might be frighten if it suddenly sat on my shoulder in the twilight 🙂 10 Centimetre plus the jaws!! Interesting creature.
      Thank you, Heather xx

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