Love Magic and Midsummer

We have been here before in winter when snow and rain vied for the right to drench the presumptuous creatures who step out on the bare and magnificent rocky beaches.
Where the wind did its best to complete the last part of the work by pushing the haughty people to the ground.
Us who thought to master the elements rampage.
Now it’s the fabled Midsummer, where anything can happen. Days, where herbs are enchanted. It’s about Freya and Frey, Vikings, rituals, and worshipping fertility and a rich harvest.
Love and magic are associated with Midsummer. If you pick seven types of flowers on the way home, and hide them under your pillow, the dream of your loved might come true.


11 Comments on “Love Magic and Midsummer

  1. Beautiful Hannah…I am not really a summer person, I prefer autumn and winter (as a photographer). But your photos are gorgeous and it looks such a beautiful place.

    • Thanks a lot, James.
      In Denmark, March, April and May are ideal months for photography in my humble opinion. Fall and winter are beautiful too.
      You are right in terms of summer, but then we just use an underwater camera in the ocean instead 🙂 🙂

    • It’s a lovely and spectacular tradition, Athina. I’m happy to share it, thanks ❤

    • You are much to kind, Heather 🙂 One dream came true when I was invited to participate in the Midsummer Feast.
      I really like the old traditions where history is noticeably.

    • Thank you. It was a magical experience, and I’m so happy to be inaugurated in the old Swedish traditions.

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