Walks, that you don’t want to leave

Happy Earth Day!

I have celebrated Earth Day today along with the Fox, the Red-Necked Grebe, Green Frogs, Grass Snakes, Swans and Geese, Bumblebees, Highland Cattle, Sheep and Lambs and a Red Kite.

The forests around Buresø are among the most beautiful scenery I know of in North Seeland.


Kort over Skovene ved Buresø

Earth Day

21 thoughts on “Walks, that you don’t want to leave

  1. Hanna, your pictures are always beautiful. The blue skies, the sparkling water – I don’t know how you do it. There is always magic in your posts.

    • That place is a magic place, Alen. I’m sure that fairies are flying around having a party, but they are hard to spot. It is necessary with a special telescope for fairies 🙂
      Thanks a lot, Alen!!

  2. Hi Hanna, interestingly I was there the day after you and it is definitely a beautiful area, your excellent photos also highlight a few places I need to go looking for, others I recognise. Saturday I experienced sleet, rain whilst drinking coffee on top of Bastrup Tower, and wonderful calm lakes. All in all an excellent wander.

    • Hi NielsenBrown. We do like the same areas I know that by now 🙂 and what a great place to drink ones coffee.
      The view from the tower is excellent and so are the history as you probable know?
      It is considered reasonably certain that there have been numbers of important ancient roads from Lejre and Roskilde through Furesø Municipality towards Elsinore or the North Coast.
      Bastrup Tower had a good strategic location on the north to south running roads, passing west of Bastrup lake. From Bastrup Tower one could easily keep an eye on the road and send riders out if necessary.

      Bastrup Tower

      Bastrup Castle and Tower are a type, which was widely used especially in France and England up through the 1100s. The mighty tower, which was the center of the castle was used for both defensive and residential. In England they called that kind of towers the “Keep” and in France the “Donjon”. In Denmark you will find very few examples of this type from the 1100s, but the dimensions of Bastrup tower is absolutely on par with the large towers abroad.

      All the best,

      PS The informations on history are in some places translated and quoted from Vivian Etting’s research: Museumsinspektør og seniorforsker på Nationalmuseet.

    • Dear Peggy. It’s such a beautiful place and the light really is fantastic at this time of year. I have never forgotten our talk of “Eismänner”. When the temperature suddenly drops in the summer and the harvest may be damaged –

  3. I always enjoy your walks Hanna – and I certainly wish I was there on this one. Your photos are always superb too 🙂

    • I have known the area for a long time now, James and it hasn’t changed much. On the contrary a lot of things have been done to improve the conditions in the nature. It’s a thrill to take a walk there enjoying all the birds and animals 🙂 Thank you!!

  4. Lovely pictures Hanna. Like David I would love to take that walk too. It would be good to see some red kites. Are they common in Denmark? I work as a volunteer ranger specifically looking for red kites. I have seen a few but not in the grid references I was working in. Here in N.I. they were persecuted to extinction in earlier centuries but in 2007 a programme to reintroduce them began and slowly they are re-establishing themselves. I love all raptors in fact.

    • Thanks Ash. At first we thought it was a buzzard. But it was bigger it really is an exiting bird to watch. No, we don’t see them that often.
      All the best,

  5. Oh, how wonderful and the perfect way to escape the grey rain in Bonn. Gorgeous images, Hanna. Hvitveis is my favourite sign of spring.:-)
    Ha en god helg! ❤

    • Hanne, thanks a lot for your comment!
      White anemones can resemble snow when standing as a blanket on the forest floor. As of yesterday, white waves between beech trees, really amazing 🙂
      Today the sky is grey, rain is falling and meteorologists predict thunderstorms and snow. It is an unusual spring 🙂
      A Happy weekend to you too ❤

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