Last Weekend

last weekend 3

15 Comments on “Last Weekend

  1. Aunque todavía se nota el ambiente frío del invierno, ya se empieza a presentir la primavera con esa bonita luz.

    • Thank God the day has increased with many hours it increases the chances of sun. We really need the light 🙂 ❤

    • You got a point there, Alen. It would be bad luck if I was knocked out when the stones are so valuable:
      ” – Meteorites can tell a story. It can be a piece of the Moon. It may be a piece of Mars. But 80 percent of the meteorites found are from an asteroid belt. It took 50 million years to build the ground of the material. A find of a stone from here can tell something about the evolution of the solar system. It can tell how the earth was created, says Henning Haack, senior lecturer at the Natural History Museum
      The stone can be very valuable, depending on whether it is intact, and where it originated.
      According to Henning Haack meteorites are negotiated everything from the quarter dollar per gram and up to $ 20,000 per gram.”
      All the best,

    • I would love to answer you: “It’s a meteor impact”.
      We had a small meteor impact close to Copenhagen and some people found several fragments. It looks like concrete with a dark shell. But alas! It is only an effect I found appropriate for the image 🙂
      All the best,

    • Thanks for the boost, rabirius!! The lake is the closest place I have that reminds me of the mountains. The raven likes it too and let the hoarse cry echoes above the trees.
      It’s a great spot for weather changes too.
      All the best,

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