An Outdoor Adventure

This is one of the most wonderful walks I’ve been on for a long time.
Tempted by my story about Esrum Sø, my friend insisted on an outdoor adventure.
This time from the south entrance of the forest.
The huge diversity in the forest offers many nature experiences.
Forest lakes, large old pines, beech forest, larch, birch and ancient oak trees.
Fallen trees are allowed to lie, creating a unique food base for small and large birds.
Now different deciduous trees are planted.
Lakes are allowed to arise. Previously, the foresters drained the water away.
Currently, the eagles breed in the forest.
The right course is set for the forest, Gribskov ❤

34 thoughts on “An Outdoor Adventure

  1. True Hanna…I got lost in woods in Canada when I was a boy…lost for several hours…at one point I could hear wolves, I got rescued just before it got dark…

    • That’s a terrifying experience! I’ve seen a recording of an adult with a child being surrounded by a flock of wolves in Northern Germany.
      I’m glad you was found before darkness, James!!

      • It was very scary and I was lucky to be rescued… so woods make me very uneasy….although there aren’t many wolves in the UK 😊

      • They have begun to breed in Denmark. They eat a lot of sheep. Our country is too small for them to find a suitable food base.
        I’m happy that the wolves are in Jutland! I hope they aren’t good swimmers!

      • We used to get a lot of bears where we lived in the Laurentian Mountains….my uncle shot one or two which came snooping around our house.

  2. So beautiful photos! You really have a beautiful nature in Denmark, and it must be wonderful to walk there as you do. 🙂 The barbecue area is similar to one we have at Hammarsjön, called Ekenabben.

  3. Looks like a lovely walk Hanna. I personally don’t like woods…I always try to avoid them, especially when on my own, but these don’t look too bad. Nice photos too 🙂

    • That statement about woods sounds a little bit creepy, James. Rumours or facts?
      …and thanks for your nice compliment.

    • I’m glad that you notice it, Montucky. Lakes have an incredible impact in nature, whether in the mountains or in the forest. It is understandable that water in so many contexts symbolises fertility.

    • Thank you, Michelle. Horses are lovely animals and look great in a wooded landscape.
      When horses passes trough the forest they remind me of fairy tales ❤ 🙂

  4. Smukke, vel “snuppede” billeder fra noget af det skønneste dansk natur – som man skal helt til Jylland for at finde dets lige. Undskyld jeg kunne ikke nære mig 😀 Fatter ikke københavnere og nordsjællændere ikke bruger området mere end de gør. 🙂

    • Drake, jeg nyder at ha’ så meget så muligt af Djævleøen for mig selv 😀
      Det bedste jeg ved er, at høre vindens susen i træerne, musvågernes skrigen og fuglekongerne pippe i granerne.
      Jylland er stadigvæk ukendt land for mig – altså næsten 🙂

      • Forstår dig, jeg har det på samme måde – let købt sagt så tager man ikke ud i naturen for at møde mennesker. 😀
        Det er mange år siden jeg har huseret i ‘djævleøen’ smukke natur. Det bliver mest til jysk og samsk natur når jeg stikker næsen inden for at snuse til hvad fortiden har udviklet sig til. 🙂

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