My forests are now on the UNESCO World Heritage list

The par force hunting landscape in North Zealand is from today on UNESCO World Heritage list.

The pictures below are from my neighbourhood.

These pictures are from the oldest forest in Denmark, Gribskov.

You can have all the details about the nomination here on the link to Unesco: The Parforce Hunting landscape in North Zealand

I have to add a PS: It’s not really my forests but I have the great privilege to be able to walk there and greet the inhabitants ❤ 🙂

Happy walk and leave no trace behind except your footprint ❤

18 thoughts on “My forests are now on the UNESCO World Heritage list

    • Muchas gracias, Leo. Los paisajes son ahora en la lista del Patrimonio Mundial. Espero que el antiguo bosque se beneficiará de ello.

    • Gracias, Magnoliae 🙂 Some days ago I was lucky enough to come very close to two stags. At a time I thought that I was as close as I should be to a wild animal. I did not want to stress the animal or get hurt myself.
      The moment held a big magic ❤
      All the best,

  1. I’m so pleased that your forests have been UNESCO World Heritage listed! What a beautiful place of the world and your photographs are excellent. They make me wish to visit your country. Thank you. 🙂

    • Hi Jane. Thank you for your lovely comment. The listing of The Parforce Hunting landscape is really great. It will create an awareness of the unique ancient forests that will benefit the environment, for which I am very happy. We must do everything to preserve the great beauty of nature.
      Let me know if you are visiting Denmark.
      All the best,

  2. What a wonderful photo set, Hanna. I am jealous too on your beautiful neighbourhood 🙂 Congratulations that your forests are on the Unesco World Heritage List.
    I wish you a splendid sunday

    • Thank you, Stefan 🙂 Sometimes when I take a stroll in the area I’m completely captivated by the nature and the culture in combination. In the same area The Fields of Hawthorn is located. The trees are blooming in May and June with a fine fragrance and beautiful delicate flowers. At the same time the flowers stand in contrast to the thick, twisted and contorted tree trunks. It is an amazing sight and of course there are exiting history associated to the trees.
      Happy Sunday to you too 🙂

      • Nature is Imagination itself. You´re totally right, Hanna. There is so much beauty in nature. We only have to keep our eyes open like your eyes 🙂
        Happy Sunday evening for you

      • Stefan, that was a very nice thing to say, thank you.
        It really is an encouragement because my purpose is to disclose and encourage great nature experiences.
        I hope you’ll have a lovely week !!!

  3. What superb photos Hanna – and what an amazing place too! These are wonderful – I am jealous 😉

    • Hi James. I’m pleased that you are jealous 🙂 I had given up the thought to compete with your beautiful landscapes 🙂
      Thanks a lot for your nice words …and watch out for spooky things on the moor!!!
      All the best,

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