Walking From a Castle to a Mountain on an Icy Day.

Athene and me

“The days are short,
The sun a spark,
Hung thin between
The dark and dark.”
From the poem; January by John Updike

The summer was lovely and a light breeze made the walk enjoyable for my friend, Joanna and I. She has a high metabolism like me, like a hobbit, and we didn’t get far before we had our first meal on a bench in the garden of Frederiksborg Castle.

Today* the temperature is slightly difference to put it mildly. There is frost in the air and severe wind but the sun is shining.
I have layer upon layer until there are no more space under my jacket. Nevertheless, I take a short break on a bench beside Athene.

My walk is about 15 km long and I don’t have much time before darkness set in.
I buy a bottle of water in a shop but I cannot open it. My fingers are already frozen. I slip the bottle into the rucksack and continue the walk past the spectacular little castle, Badstuen and Louise’s Island.

The small buildings on the Island in Ødammen was built by Frederick 7. as a miniature version of a Norwegian manor.
I walk through the village Gadevang, and soon I’m on my way up towards the mountain, Fruebjerg, in the forest, Gribskov. The sun is setting and the sight towards the coast is magnificent. I love this view. However I have a train to catch so I hurry down the mountain and through the forest to the train station.
There are ten minutes until the train arrives! I can not remember the last time I’ve been so cold. Well, maybe when I skated as a child 🙂

Curious to learn more? Frederiksborg Castle


Sommeren var dejlig, og en let brise gjorde vandreturen behagelig for min veninde og mig. Vi har et højt stofskifte, ligesom en hobbit, og vi nåede ikke langt, før vi indtog vores første måltid på en bænk i parken ved Frederiksborg Slot.

I dag er temperaturen anderledes for nu at sige det mildt. Der er frost i luften og hård vind, men solen skinner. Jeg er iført lag på lag indtil der ikke er mere plads under min jakke.
Alligevel tager jeg en kort pause på en bænk ved siden af Athene.

Min tur er cirka 15 km lang, og jeg har ikke meget tid, før mørket indfinder sig.
Jeg har købt vand i en kiosk, men jeg kan ikke åbne flasken. Mine fingre er allerede stivfrosne. Jeg pakker flasken ned i rygsækken, og fortsætter turen forbi det spektakulære lille slot, Badstuen og Louises Ø.
De små bygninger på øen i Ødammen blev bygget af Frederik den 7. som en miniature udgave af en norsk herregård.
Jeg går ud gennem landsbyen Gadevang, og snart er jeg på vej op mod Fruebjerg, inde i skoven. Solen er ved at gå ned, og synet mod kysten er storslået. Det er højdepunktet på turen bogstavelig talt, og i overført betydning. Min vandretur fortsætter i hast mod togstationen, Kagerup.

Her må jeg måtte vente i 10 minutter. Jeg kan ikke huske hvornår jeg har været så nedkølet. Jo, måske dengang, da jeg løb på skøjter som barn 🙂

Frederiksborg Slot

* My walk took place in 2016, but the weather today is very similar to that cold day ❄️
Wish you a wonderful walk out there and remember your packed lunch and the mittens 🥕😊

32 thoughts on “Walking From a Castle to a Mountain on an Icy Day.

  1. Sunshine makes all the difference in the world. I can’t even feel the cold in your lovely photos. And while the days are still short, it’s nice see Spring light gradually return, slowly day by day.

    • Thanks a lot for your comment, Ab. It is truly wonderful when the sun takes over, displacing the cold of winter and giving hope for the coming of spring. But be aware when the sun disappear in the afternoon!!
      Then the coldness comes creeping and suddenly you are very cold. That was how it went that particular day.
      Glad I wasn’t in a tent in Abisko in Sweden 🙂
      PS If you look carefully you can see that the castle lake is partly covered with ice.

    • Thank you so much, Robert! There are two castles in my post. Frederiksborg Castle as one, and a small ‘palace of pleasure’, Badstueslottet, as the other. If you translate Badstueslottet to English the name is the Sauna Castle 😄
      There are pictures of both castles but apparently I’ve had a little trouble portraying it 😊
      All the best,

  2. That first picture of the castle had me thinking it was floating on the water! Thanks for sharing these wintery pictures; yes, even though I count today as the first day of spring, winter doesn’t loosen his grip. Here the wind is icy but its raining! ☂🙋‍♂️

    • There’s probably a lousy angle on the motive, Ashley. I blame it on the cold 🙂
      I can imagine the icy wind you have at the moment. I think we can compete.
      – And finally, don’t touch anything made of metal. You might stick to it for the rest of your life 🥶
      Happy Friday!😊

    • You’re right there, Maggie. Thank you!!
      Of course there are pleasant enjoyable walks.
      But those walks where you are put to the test, those are the walks you will always remember.
      I speak from years of experience 😊😊
      All the best,

    • Querida Barbara. Fue un placer estar allí incluso si era extremadamente frío.
      Un fuerte abrazo que te lanzan con Air France 🙂

    • Hi Isabel. I’m glad you like the post, thank you. I chose link to the informations about Frederiksborg Castle I find the site very informative.
      All the best,

    • Lovely to hear from you, Alen. I’m glad I’m not Athene in the middle of a snowstorm especially without a hat!
      The walk was great but extremely cold.
      All the best,

  3. Das sind wunderschöne Bilder liebe Hanna. Wir hatten ein paar Tage Schnee und eisige Temperaturen, da sind mir beim Fotografieren die Finger fast eingefroren 😦

    LG Mathilda ❤

    • Thank you dear Mathilda ❤
      I know what you mean. The weather is a stunner comes to photographing, but it fits poorly with the temperature 🙂

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