Closer to Nature

The weather is cold and grey. The rain is pouring down. What’s the point in going outdoors? I did and if you go close enough you’ll see many colours, amazing shapes and birds.

This post is back from 2016 but the condition is unchanged 😊

‘… Grasshoppers, birds, fish and plants live
With natural colours as protection forever!
Chameleons are something different though
Capable of changing colours as to situation!

Even seasons have colours for a change
Winter darkness, summer brightness,
Autumn brownness and spring greenness
Indeed are beautiful and inspiring all lives!

Refraction of colourless water reveals 7 hues
As seven colours of rainbow at the raining times!’

An Attire Of Colours In Nature! by Ramesh T A

44 thoughts on “Closer to Nature

    • Querida Barbara. La naturaleza es muy gris y marrón la actualidad. El cielo es gris, pero con diferentes tonos. Por lo tanto tuve que ir más cerca de todo lo que es de color 🙂
      Un fuerte umbrazo,

  1. Que colores más vivos! vivos como los seres que habitan en tus espléndidas imágenes. La naturaleza está viva, viva la naturaleza! y viva Hanna! Cheers!

  2. We’re lucky to live in a 4 season country like Canada and we try to get out and experience it all. Like today, gray and wet snow. Makes life interesting.

  3. It’s good to remind yourself of all the beauty and color that’s there, even behind a veil of rain. And it looks as though you had fun playing with your photos. The effects are really intriguing.

    • Thank you, Tanja!!
      When you sit in your house looking out at the weather it might seems terrible and no place to be.
      But if you go outside with the right clothes and shoes, it’s a joy to feel the rain and wind.
      That’s an important lesson 😊
      In my old camera from Sony lay all kinds of possibilities for creating creative images, even small paintings.
      All the best,

    • Thanks a lot, Robert!!
      I know you are an expert at finding details in nature. If you have an old Sony camera with an optional painting setting, then you are well on your way already 😊
      I have given myself a new task. There are rumors that a mandarin duck has been seen in the nearest stream.
      The duck is extremely exotic for Denmark, and the colors are as far from monochromatic as they can get 😎😊

  4. Dear Hanna, I certainly know what you mean about grey days! We get enough of them over here. Your pictures bring a bright colourful window to the day. Thank you! 😎

    • It is my pleasure Ashley!! I hope weather will change.
      I had a funny episode a few days ago. We walked along one of my favourite lakes.
      The forest is less orderly, actually like a little piece of Sweden at its best.
      There was variable cloud cover, and it was my hope to take a great picture of the lake.
      I quickly found composition and the shutter button on the camera – and then the sun disappeared, replaced by gray darkness, for the rest of the day 🤣🤣

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