Getting ready for the big pike

A wonderful forest with lakes and dolmens and there might be a few pikes too 🙂

8 Comments on “Getting ready for the big pike

  1. Scary things, pikes. I remember one being caught in a lake where I grew up. It was lying on the bank, looking half-dead but still angry. My father poked it with a stick and it leapt up and tried to bite his hand. He didn’t poke it again.

    • Hi Alen. What a great thing that the pike didn’t succeed. I understand that pikes can put themselves in total respect. I’ve already been told a lot of pike stories. Tall tales and true stories. Luckily, with no blood-dripping ends 🙂 🙂

  2. Fishing was a big part of growing up in Michigan. Spin casting on the lakes, fly fishing on the rivers, and in the winter ice fishing with either hook and line or spearfishing.

    • That sounds marvelous to me. A great joy to part of. Tranquility and activity at the same time!

Have you experienced anything like this? Your comment or your story is very much appreciated!

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