Sometimes you have to fight against trolls…

We met small people armed with sticks and they looked very apprehensive.
They were about to explore a passage grave from the Neolithic.
The passage grave is so spacious that there certainly is room for a troll or two 🙂

Oldtidsstien i Tokkekøb Hegn

16 thoughts on “Sometimes you have to fight against trolls…

  1. Based on your title I was worried about internet trolls! I’m rather relieved to see you meant the woodland kind. 🙂 Lovely photos, Hanna!

    • Es todo un placer, Isabel. Espero que sirva de inspiración para salir y apreciar nuestra hermosa naturaleza. Los niños que conocí ciertamente pasaron un buen rato en el bosque 🙂
      Te deseo una feliz pascua!!

  2. I went out for a walk this afternoon. It was lovely, albeit grey, weather. But there were birds and small green things on branches and a kind of coloured things on the ground. Someone said it were flowers. Possibly so. 🙂 Those piles of large rocks in your pictures – are they Neolitic graves? We have them too and call them ‘Hunebedden’, made by prehistorical people, They look very much the same.

    • Hi Peter. Yes, it is surprising what is hiding in the ground of beautiful flowers. It is encouraging that the soil that looks dark and sad, contains valuable treasures 🙂 You’re absolutely right about the stones, they are “Hunebedden“. The graves are very interesting and some are amazing monuments in the landscape …and older than the pyramids 🙂
      Happy to learn that you enjoyed your walk!!

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