It isn’t advisable to walk on the ice

The read sign says: It isn’t advisable to walk on the ice.
This spring has been remarkable. Within three days all kind of weather has shown itself but the ice on the pond didn’t materialize 🙂

27 thoughts on “It isn’t advisable to walk on the ice

  1. And it is good that the ice didn’t materialize! 🙂 Honestly, we had so much rain in Norfolk recently, it’s a bliss to see the sun.
    Good night to you, Hanna, sleep well. x

    • Thanks a lot. We are lucky with the weather now, after a GLOOMY walk in snow, mist and rain. Wish you much luck with sunny days in Norfolk, Hanne ❤ 🙂

  2. I walk all the time!! Just got back as a matter of fact. 🙂 I LOVE the egg tree! Do you make them each year or are they from years past? One year my mom took a class on how to make Ukrainian eggs, and she made several, but I hang them on my Christmas tree.

    • I wish I could confirm that it was me who painted the eggs. But I had a bad cold throughout the easter but afterwards I was lucky to pass the egg tree outside a little restaurant and I couldn’t help but going crazy with my camera 🙂
      The blue sky and the beautiful painted eggs reminded me of prayer flags in the Himalayas. Not because I have been there, but who haven’t seen the stunning mountains and knowledgeable mountain people, the Sherpas on film and photos.
      Ukrainian Eggs are beautiful. Just saw a Youtube film how to do them 🙂

      • Well, they’re beautiful! That’s an interesting connection. Of course I’ve seen the flags (not in person either) but I don’t know that I would have thought of that. Hope you’re feeling better!! 🧡

      • Much better, thanks a lot. Finally spring has arrived so I’m happy to be able to enjoy it ❤ 🙂
        All the best,

  3. I’ve been getting out between winter storms Hanna but, there is still no sign of spring over here. That is very good advice about staying off the ice. I never walk on the ice, even if it might be 3 feet thick. Ice can be thin in different places, where the water flows. Every single year, people die from falling through the ice. They just never learn.

    • Hi Alan. Falling through the ice is one of the most frightening things I can imagine. A mixture of freezing to death and being trapped and drowned.
      Thanks a lot for your advice!!

  4. Your warning signs about the ice are much more polite than ours, which scream “STAY OFF THE ICE.” 🙂 Lovely photos, Hanna. I don’t know how to make such beautiful images so consistently, but I’m very grateful! xx

    • I think courtesy is a good thing, Heide. But sometimes safety goes ahead for a nice recommendation 🙂 🙂
      My pictures just reflect the lovely nature that I can not help but seek 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Mitza. Your wish was fulfilled 🙂 I really enjoyed the day. Hope that goes for you too!!

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