The Silence of Nature on a Spring Evening.

The path winds between lakes. Sky hastingly changing colour. A swan moves through the water looking for bread?
I realize I’m not breathing. I want to remember the sounds of nature.
The mournful whistle of the Bullfinch. Ducks chatter quietly. Tit birds are chirping high up in the trees.
The sounds of nature on a spring evening.

19 thoughts on “The Silence of Nature on a Spring Evening.

    • It really is!
      The swan is Denmark’s national bird. A beautiful bird.
      I like the way the bird moves in water 🥰

    • Hej Göran. Det var enestående at være der. Jeg elsker den sø 🤗😊 Altid flotte naturoplevelser!!
      Tak for din kommentar!
      Nyder altid dine flotte billeder!!

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