Emeralds in the Forest Floor

It has been years since I have been to this part of the forest. But a few days ago, the light was so clear, the sky so blue and the air so good that the day had to be used to the maximum.

The beautiful sunlit green moss lay in clusters around the tree roots, highlighting the paradox of a snowy forest floor.

‘Happiness? The color of it must be spring green’
~ Frances Mayes

Have a Nice Walk Everyone ❤️

32 thoughts on “Emeralds in the Forest Floor

    • Thank you so much, Cecilia. It is always a thrill to find animals and birds in nature. The swan was busy building its nest ❤️
      Wishing you a Happy Easter!!

    • Thanks a lot, Geoff! It was a cracking day to be out and about ❤️😊
      Happy Easter with wonderful walks!!

  1. Chuang Tzu (369-286 BCE) wrote: make it be spring with everything. Lovely photos, Hanna. Have a great weekend 🌷🙋‍♂️

    • What an excellent saying, Ashley. The experience of spring ought to bring the same feeling every year.
      Nevertheless, there are new sensations every year 🙂
      Renewal is like the river: You can not step into the same river twice 🙂
      Wish you a wonderful weekend too! 🎈🐛🏡

    • Thanks a lot, Klaus. The power of light in spring is so fascinating ❤️
      Happy weekend to the four of your 🐛🏡🪲

    • Good to hear from you, George! I once wrote about the countless green shades in nature from lime and olive to kelly green and jade.
      But when it comes to the greenness of spring, all comparisons cease.
      Maybe it’s because the light green color in spring reminds us of renewal, movement and joy not to mention the power of light.
      Wish you a great weekend,

      • Yes, renewal especially. The joy at that is hardwired in our DNA. Wishing you a great weekend too.

    • Thanks so much Maggie! I feel fortunate and grateful to experience it.
      When I saw the picture on the computer, I almost had to pinch my arm. But there it was, a deep blue sky. Even very blue!
      During the corona pandemic, the sky was fantastic, completely without condensation streaks.
      I thought of it when I saw the sky in the lake 🙂
      Wish you a great weekend,

  2. A lovely walk and I love the phrase “emeralds on the forest floor.” Moss can be so enchanting under the golden hour sun!

    • Thanks a lot, Ab. I was standing high above the ground with the intense light green moss in front of me. Below the hill, down on the forest floor, the snow still lay from the last snowfall. The powerful spring light caused the withered leaves of the trees to glow with golden hues. There are great contrasts in nature on a spring day ❤️
      Happy weekend,

    • Tusind tak, Drake! Marts måned kan være noget særligt. Selvom den i år har budt på rigtig meget regn, har den også overrasket med lidt sne engang imellem 🙂
      Det var en smuk kontrast, der var mellem irgrønne mosklædte skrænter og snedækket skovbund.
      En dejlig skovtur alt i alt ❤️😊
      Håber, du nyder min dejlige ferieø, Korsika!
      Hvis ikke der ligger for meget sne, så er en tur til ‘Corsica lac de melo’ et glimrende forslag, hvis du spørger mig 🙂
      Hils fiskene fra mig!

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