A Winter Walk

Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood. Andy Goldsworthy

Winter Landscape

Being inspired of the snow outside I found a winter motive along the mill river. If snow melts down to water, does it still remember being snow? Jennifer McMahon, The Winter People

The North Wind Blows…

The north wind doth blow, And we shall have snow, And what will the dormouse do then, Poor thing? Roll’d up like a ball, In his nest snug and small, He’ll sleep till warm weather comes in, Poor… Read More

We are nearer to Spring…

I heard a bird sing In the dark of December A magical thing And sweet to remember. ‘We are nearer to Spring Than we were in September,’ I heard a bird sing In the dark of December. Oliver… Read More

The Arrow and the Song

I shot an arrow into the air, It fell to earth, I knew not where; For, so swiftly it flew, the sight Could not follow it in its flight. I breathed a song into the air, It fell… Read More