36 thoughts on “A Winter Walk

  1. Thank you for liking our slide show post about Scotland. You can see slide shows from our other treks in Europe at regspittle.com
    Best wishes!

    • It was a pleasure, Reg!! Enjoyed your slideshows from Europe too and Sue’s wonderful illustrations.
      Happy Walking 🌤 😊

    • Hi Resa ❤ It was bitterly cold! Most of all because I couldn’t end the walk. All the time one motive was more enchanted than the other 😍

  2. How do you manage to continually outdo yourself, Hanna?! These images are all so beautiful — there is such a stillness to them! I love them all so much it’s difficult to pick a favorite.

    • It is nature and the old Danish painters who inspire, Heide. Snowscapes are highly motivating too 😊
      To walk in the fresh snow is almost a supernatural event ❄☃❄
      Thanks a lot for the cheer!!

  3. I have to agree with Andy Goldsworthy. We still have snow after a frosty night, but from tomorrow on it wil dissapear. Neat photographs! Ik like how the picture of the train crossing seems to blend into the sky of the one below. 🙂

    • Hi Peter. Thank you. Yes, it feels like heaven to walk in such a landscape referring to train crossing and sky blending 😁
      We expect more snow over the weekend. Looking forward to that despite the cold ⛄🛷⛷❄

    • I were ice-skating as a child. Those were long days. I cycled home in the twilight. The cold hurt but it was forgotten the next day ❄❄❄

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