36 thoughts on “A Winter Walk

    • I were ice-skating as a child. Those were long days. I cycled home in the twilight. The cold hurt but it was forgotten the next day ❄❄❄

  1. I have to agree with Andy Goldsworthy. We still have snow after a frosty night, but from tomorrow on it wil dissapear. Neat photographs! Ik like how the picture of the train crossing seems to blend into the sky of the one below. 🙂

    • Hi Peter. Thank you. Yes, it feels like heaven to walk in such a landscape referring to train crossing and sky blending 😁
      We expect more snow over the weekend. Looking forward to that despite the cold ⛄🛷⛷❄

  2. How do you manage to continually outdo yourself, Hanna?! These images are all so beautiful — there is such a stillness to them! I love them all so much it’s difficult to pick a favorite.

    • It is nature and the old Danish painters who inspire, Heide. Snowscapes are highly motivating too 😊
      To walk in the fresh snow is almost a supernatural event ❄☃❄
      Thanks a lot for the cheer!!

    • Hi Resa ❤ It was bitterly cold! Most of all because I couldn’t end the walk. All the time one motive was more enchanted than the other 😍

  3. Thank you for liking our slide show post about Scotland. You can see slide shows from our other treks in Europe at regspittle.com
    Best wishes!

    • It was a pleasure, Reg!! Enjoyed your slideshows from Europe too and Sue’s wonderful illustrations.
      Happy Walking 🌤 😊

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