Samsoe’s landscapes

I found these pictures in my desk of Samsoe’s beautiful landscapes.

Samsoe is located in the middle of Denmark.

Nordby Bakker was formed during the last ice age. The ice has probably moved back and forth by at least three independent ice thrusts.
In the hills, lead blocks have been found in the form of rhombic porphyry from the Oslo area, cheek diabas from the Vänern area in Sweden and red oyster quartz porphyry from the Baltic
/ Naturstyrelsen

4 thoughts on “Samsoe’s landscapes

    • Hi Mike. Your theory was very good until I looked into it. That made me dizzy! 🙂 … and I think you’re right and more to it:
      There is evidence that during the early Middle Ages 11,500 years ago, people went back and forth between Denmark and the British Isles. Until about 8500 years ago, Denmark was land-locked with England, before the melting around the poles gradually increased the water supply to the world seas, so that they rose to the level we know today. Doggerland became Doggerbanke 😎🎈
      Your post is great and so are your pictures. They do like the landscape on Samsoe!!

      • Thanks for the info Hanna and doing all that research. The terrain does look very similar and I believe the North Sea is only 92m deep at its deepest, so the land between you and the UK is quite shallow. Anyway, I hope your head has stopped spinning! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 😊

      • Thanks for arousing my curiosity, Mike 😀 😀
        The depth of the North Sea between England and Denmark varies between 50 m and 100 m with the exception of the Norwegian Rende, which is approx. 700 m deep /
        Have a great Sunday!!

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