The last day of February

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    • The trees are my favourites. The oak trees are full of stories collected over several hundred years. Warm summers, the storms in autumn and, not least, the deer’s whereabouts.

    • We have to pay attention to every single day and enjoy it. Spring is a wonderful time, Tanja 😊

    • Af hjertet tak, Håkan. Vi har et usædvanligt mildt klima i øjeblikket. De sidste mange dage har der været forår i luften 😊

  1. How beautiful, Hanna! Your photos always look like heaven to me … 🙂

    • Thank you, Heide 😊
      My pictures reflect an unusually wonderful forest with beautiful planned paths and many trees older than 300 years.
      When they fall in storms they provide food for many animals and birds. They help to create a great biodiversity in the forest 😎

  2. I’m going outside to walk right now! We still have snow and ice everywhere in Vermont, so the walking hasn’t been good recently, but the sun is shining encouragingly today and I’m hoping the trail will be less slippery than it was a week ago. Cheers! Brad

    • Hi Brad. I hope you had a nice walk!! I am very familiar with slippery pavements and forest trails 😊
      But spring has knocked on the door here in Denmark for the last 10 days. I have a friend who works in Norway. She has been forced to buy shoes with firmly fitted ‘studs’ so that she doesn’t fall and break her legs in Oslo.
      I wish you more of the wonderful light that spring brings.

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