Ents and Wolves

Jeg er vant til at betragte den danske natur som idyllisk. På en gang fredelig og ufarlig, undtagen når Alexander, eller en anden storm river husgavle ned eller fylder uskyldige menneskers huse op med vand.

De farligste dyr i de danske skove har indtil nu været flåten. Den har jeg selv haft tæt inde på livet to gange, og den er ikke ufarlig. Men det ser ud til, at den skal dyste med en ny rival, men mere om det senere.

Min ven havde talt begejstret om Fortunens indelukke og vejen hen mod Ulvedalene. Den tætte underskov i Fortunens Indelukke er noget, der ikke forekommer i resten af Jægersborg Dyrehave, og på vej mod Ulvedalene bliver stien mere kuperet og munder ud i Djævlebakken, en attraktiv bakke, når der er sne.

Jeg er ofte gået igennem skoven, hvor den er smallest, men aldrig fortsat ud til én af siderne.
Området er heller ikke særligt stort, så jeg besluttede, at det skulle være en dag, når vejen alligevel faldt forbi.

Det er nogle dage siden nu, i tirsdags for at være nøjagtig. Solen kæmpede en ulige kamp for at lyse over trækronerne, men den havde hård konkurrence fra skyerne, og den tabte tit.

På min vej gennem Indelukket faldt sollyset alligevel ind mellem de mange gamle træer. Det var som at træde ind i Tolkiens univers, egetræerne lignede enter. Store gamle enter, der kunne have skræmt mig fra vid og sans, hvis tusmørket havde indhentet mig.


Jeg trak min cykel. Der var stille. Jeg hørte spætterne hakke efter insekter i den grove bark. Tavsheden var så udtalt, at jeg kunne skelne småfuglenes kvidren i kæmpe dynger af faldne træer og buske. Fuglekonger, blåmejser, musvitter, og den lille flagspætte, der ikke er større end en stær.
Det er her, jeg vil sætte mig på en træstamme en stille vinterdag, og lade naturen komme til mig.

I dag er jeg glad for, at jeg ikke gjorde det den dag. Det er bedre at vente til skovens folk finder det store glubske dyr, der har bidt hovedet af en større dådyrskalv. Naturstyrelsen mener, det kan være en meget stor hund, og i værste fald en ulv.

Angrebet på dådyrkalven skete dagen efter jeg intetanende havde tullet rundt derude.

Skovrideren fortæller, at de har sendt dna-prøver af biddet til et laboratorium, for at se om der kan være tale om en ulv, og han fastslår, at det på ingen måde kan være gjort at et menneske. Dådyrkalven havde knuste halshvirvler, og hovedet er simpelthen bidt af. Det er kun en meget stor hund, der kan gøre sådan noget Naturstyrelsen har ikke lukket dyrehaven, men beder folk være agtpågivende, hvis de færdes i haven.

I kan se Naturstyrelsens illustrative side om hvordan man skal forholde sig, hvis man møder en ulv. Den gælder iøvrigt også for store løsgående hunde: Ulven

I am used to consider the Danish nature as something idyllic. Peaceful and harmless, except when Alexander or another storm tears down gables or fills innocent people houses with water.
The most dangerous animal in the Danish forests has until now been the tick. I have felt the serious warning from the ticks twice and it isn’t harmless. But it seems that the tick has got a new rival, but more about that later.
My friend had talked enthusiastically about Fortunens Indelukke and the road towards Ulvedalene. The dense undergrowth in Fortunens Indelukke is something that doesn’t occur in the rest of Jægersborg Deer Park, and heading towards Ulvedalene the path becomes more hilly and it culminates at the end of an attractive hill which is well attended with children and happy adults when the snow falls.
I have often walked through the forest, where it is narrowest, but never continued to one of the sides.
The area is not very large, so I decided it should be a day when I was near by.
It’s a few days ago now, last Tuesday to be accurate. The sun was fighting an unequal struggle to light over the treetops, but it had major competition from the clouds, and the battle was lost most of the times.
Yet on my way through the forest the sunlight fell between the many old trees. It was like stepping into Tolkien’s universe, oak trees resembled ents. Great old wooden sculptures that could have scared me witless if twilight had arrived.
I pulled my bike. There were silence. I heard the woodpeckers pecking for insects in the coarse bark. The silence was so pronounced that I could distinguish the small birds chirping in huge heaps of fallen trees and shrubs.
This is where I will put myself on a tree trunk a quiet winter day, and let nature come to me, I thought.
Today I am happy that I went on that particular day. It is better to wait for the forest people to find the great ferocious animal that have bitten the head of a large deer calf. Naturstyrelsen believes it can be a very large dog, and at worst a wolf.
The attack on the deer calf happened the day after I unsuspecting had had my walk out there.
The Ranger said that they have sent DNA samples of teeth to a lab to see if it is a wolf, and he finds that the deed in no way has been done by a human being. The deer calf had broken cervical vertebrae and the head is simply hooked. It is only a very large dog that can do something like that.
Naturstyrelsen hasn’t closed Dyrehaven, but ask people to be vigilant if they go for a walk in the garden.
You can see Naturstyrelsen illustrative page on how to react if you meet a wolf. It incidentally also applies for large loose dogs: Wolf



31 thoughts on “Ents and Wolves

  1. Hello Hanna,

    Thank you so much for stopping by and and folllowing my blog.

    Great to find you here and it’s really a treat to browse through the images from your home place.

    They looks like pages straight out of a faily tale book 🙂

  2. Wolves? I hope you’re good at climbing trees, Hanna. That’s the safest place to be. Or better still, stay at home until the mystery has been solved.
    Great pictures, by the way.
    Take care, Alen

    • The mystery is solved, Alen. It was a ferocious dog. That’s what the DNA test shows. But the fallow deer head is missing and so is the mad dog 🙂 The rangers say that a ferocious dog is more dangerous to people than a wolf.
      Thanks! I will look out for a dog with two heads 😀
      All the best,

    • Thanks a lot, Indah 🙂 There used to be idyllic, but a deer calf got the head bitten off by a big ferocious dog. The rangers have not found the dog yet. Therefore, people must be vigilant if they take a stroll in the park.
      Wish you a nice evening,

  3. Fascinating story, and gorgeous pics. I have never been surrounded by wolves, but have encountered many bears and even one mountain lion. The recommendation to make yourself look “big” and not run works for them too 🙂

    • Dear Nina. It is lovely to hear from you and thank you. A mountain lion! That is very exotic. Maybe you were cool enough to take a picture 🙂
      The only mountain lion I have met so far is the program for my Mac.
      Bears are very fascinating but my only experiences are from films and books 🙂
      All the best,

  4. Fantastiska bilder Hanna och en spännande historia. I min hemby i Sverige finns det flera Ulvfamiljer, men jag har inte haft lyckan att få se någon. ❤ Ha en fin tredje adventskväll.
    Hilsner fra Vestlandet!

    • Dejligt at høre fra dig, Annika 🙂 Det kunne være interessant og spændende at opleve ulven, når den er mæt 😀
      Der eksisterer mange myter og fordomme om ulven, og det er vel en af årsagerne til, at den er frygtet.
      Den moderne europæiske ulv angriber kun sjældent mennesker.
      Rigtig dejlig aften til jer på Vestlandet 🙂 ❤

  5. Pictures are awesome! Hanna, did you use different camera or lens for these pictures than before?
    When the dogs go into the forest and go wild, they are more dangerous than wolves.

    • Thanks a lot, Alexander 🙂 I had a lot of trouble editing so really glad you like them. I used the same camera but with a different setting. There are loads of settings on that camera: Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 and it’s funny to give everything a try 🙂 I think you are right about the dogs. You could say it’s a wolf made domesticated and therefore not afraid of humans. But I still don’t know if it would attack a human.
      All the best,

  6. Wonderful pictures & quite a story. Thankfully we don’t have wolves here, plenty of big dogs though! A big stick may not stop an attack but it does make me feel safer! Have a great weekend!

    • Hi there Ash 🙂 Thanks a lot. I thought of you while I took the photos of the trees. I’ll make a bigger effort finding some huge ones the next time.
      The guidelines from the authorities in Denmark are as follow: Don’t turn your back on a wolf or a ferocious dog and don’t run it will awaken their hunting instinct. Keep eye contact and make yourself big by swinging your arms above your head shouting loudly. …and if you choose to walk away do not fall that will make you extremely vulnerable 😯
      Don’t you think I have finalised the topic for now?
      All the best and a happy weekend to you,

    • Thanks a lot, Mike. The trees are really stunning. As for your last remark I can only agree with you.
      Large vicious dogs are terrible if they simply can crush the cervical vertebrae of a large calf. But a wolf would create some havoc because it is so close to Copenhagen.
      It spoils the vision of a cozy café life 🙂

  7. I read the story too, and was little surprised, I have seen the damage that so called pets can do so will not be surprised if it is a large dog. Though I can just imagine the reaction if it turns out to be a wolf. Your photos remind me its been a while since I have visited the area and as for ticks, I have had my share.

    • Fortunately, I have not been close to the damage caused by large vicious dogs. I know that there are places where people walk with canes. Not them to support themselves, but to ward off dogs attack. Among others on the Camino in northern Spain.
      Jægersborg Deer Park can be a great experience if it is ‘out of season’
      All the best,

  8. Ooops. What a story, Hanna. I believe that feral dogs are even more dangerous than wolves, as these tend do be shy and avoid humans.
    Have a good weed-end.

    • You are absolutely right. I forgot to write it. The Ranger tells exactly the same.
      3 Days will pass before the DNA results submit. It will be interesting to follow. Very exciting with your comment, Carlos. Thank you.
      Wishing you a lovely weekend too.
      All the best,

  9. Superb billeder… 🙂

    Dette med alle de mange ulve der pludselig er i Danmark er måske sandt – men jeg må også tilstå at jeg har “bidt mærke i” at det er blevet almindelig kendt at der erstatning hvis ulve forgriber sig på ens besætning mens man intet får hvis det er rotweilererne “nede fra Østergade” med mindre de sidste tages med “rygende revolvere” – jeg er bekendt med at det i 3-4 tilfælde er fortaget dna test som afslørede at det var hunde og det var disse bønder ikke tilfredse med – men jeg tror nu der er strejfere i Jylland, at de nu ligefrem skulle være ankommet i turistbus-antal er jeg nu lidt i tvivl… 😀

    • Du må ikke skrive om rotweilere nede fra Østergade med rygende pistoler. Der afspilles en hel cartoon for mit indre 😀 …men jeg ved, hvor du vil hen.
      På Miljøministeriets hjemmeside kan du se en række bekræftede observationer fra Jylland, som er 100 procent sikre baseret på DNA-analyser af spyt eller ekskrementer. Men det kan selvfølgelig være den samme ulv, som er taget på sightseeing i Jylland, naturligvis i turistbus 😉 😀
      Ulveforekomster 2014
      Tak for dit bidrag, Drake 🙂
      Rigtig god aften,

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