Lost in the forest

The temperature is approaching freezing point, the sun is going down, and I’m in the middle of the forest, but where?

Rain gusts had subsided over noon. I can make it before darkness, I thought, as I sat in the train on my way to the forest, Gribskov.
When I walked into the shadows among the trees, the sun was low in the sky, and I decided a short cut down to the well and the horses. A few minutes later, I stood in front of a ‘mountain’ of fallen trees on the small path which was impossible to pass.

Huge trees were broken in the storm and shattered in the fall. Spruces, pines and apparently healthy beech trees lay helter-skelter. It was a sight that surprised me. What an Armageddon when the old giants succumbed. Earth must have trembled as they fell.
I went back down the path, and had a small detour to approach the well. There were no horses, the water ran out among the stones at the bottom of the well.
The hike would be without drinking and without a map.

I forgot the map in my bustle. Who needs a map here, I thought?
Well it turned out that a map would actually have been a great help. The landscape had changed. There were clearings, where before there were woods. And lakes, where before there were meadows. Dark forest roads had changed appearance because fallen trees did room for the sunlight.

A wider forest track enticed me with sunlight, but at the same time I knew that this direction would increase the length of the route. Reluctantly I went back when the desired side road didn’t materialize.

My second choice was better suited. Still, I felt uncomfortable. The cold crept up on me, and a long walk in the silent forest would be an exciting adventure, but unpleasantly dark.
My pace went up, and soon the landscape reminded me of a hike few years ago on a beautiful day when snow crystals glittered and shone in all the colours of the rainbow.

Suddenly I saw hills further up the road and I recognize the landscape again. The mist hid in hollows, the last sunlight set fire to the top of the fir trees and the horses came curiously closer to greet. To increase my excitement ravens flew over my head as to greet me as well.

From the forest guard house sounded cackling, and soon chickens and Muscovy ducks came running down the road. The hens disappeared between the horses’ legs as if they had to test their limits. Quicker than lightning they disappeared up the hill again.

I wonder if they do that every night? Run down the road to get an adrenaline rush and to tease the horses.

The rest of the way to the station was almost without problems. I had some doubt for a moment, but relied on my sense of direction, and soon I saw the station building appeared between the trees.

What a great hike this has been. I’m just as AD-hungry as the chickens at the forest guard house 🙂

Julemand ved Grønnekilde

Ulvedalene, Gribskov
Ved Kagerup station, Gribskov

Happy Hiking ❤ …and remember all your meals 🙂

Stort Julemarked i Lyngby Nordre Mølle

I morgen og søndag den 12. og 13. december afholdes stort julemarked i den gamle Lyngby Nordre Mølle overfor Lyngby Kirke.
Jeg skal måske tilføje, at jeg ikke modtager returkommission 🙂


God tur ❤

The Habour

Some years ago, I took the train every morning from Hillerød towards Hundested to work.
At Christmas, I could see a Christmas tree brightened up the harbor area from my window. It was lashed to a crane in the harbor. An evocative sight.
The harbor is the focal point of the town.  In summer, the town is filled with travelers, but I like it best in winter. Nature becomes more present due to sea storms and the changing light from the sea. Maybe I’m biased by my penchant for ships and water, but the harbor is a very exciting place.

If the weather was fine finishing work hours, I walked up past Knud Rasmussen’s house and further along the coast down to Kikhavn. From here I went along small country roads to the nearest train station. Always late supper 🙂
In the year 2013 Hundested was selected as the best port in Denmark because of the many wonderful activities.

Hundested Havn




Knud Rasmussens Hus

Knud Rasmussen planned his next polar expedition from his study with a tantalizing view over the sea.

Her sad Knud Rasmussen, og planlagde de næste ekspeditioner til polarområdet  med udsigt til Kattegat fra arbejdsværelset.



Spodsbjerg Fyr

I nogle år tog jeg toget hver morgen fra Hillerød mod Hundested for at arbejde.

Ved juletid kunne jeg se et juletræ lyse smukt ud over havneområdet fra mit vindue. Det var surret fast på kranen nede i havnen. Et stemningsfuldt syn. Havnen er omdrejningspunktet i byen.
Om sommeren er byen fyldt med feriegæster, men om vinteren er byen bedst. Naturen bliver mere nærværende i kraft af havets storme, og det skiftende lys. Måske er jeg forudindtaget med min hang til skibe og vand, men havnen er til stadighed et spændende sted, også om vinteren.

Hvis vejret var fint, når jeg skulle hjem fra arbejde, gik jeg op forbi Knud Rasmussens hus og videre langs kysten ned til Kikhavn. Herfra gik jeg ad små landeveje til den nærmeste togstation. Altid sen aftensmad 🙂
I året 2013 blev Hundested Havn valgt som bedste havn i Danmark på grund af de mange dejlige aktiviteter.


Nordkyststien – Fra Hundested til Gilleleje

Sejl til Hundested Havn

Hundested Fiskerihavn