The Dark Forests

The trees stand menacing like tall dark figures in the gloomy forest.

Forest lakes that seem abysmal when I try to glimpse the bottom.

A daunting silence –

The smooth surface of the rivers, which are torn by rocks.

Wasn’t that a shadow on the rock?

Didn’t you hear the fiddle?

Lagan, a river in Sweden

The rivers in Denmark are few and they rarely swell, as Lagan does.
Lagan River is a popular place for salmon fishing.
‘The Lagan is one of four main west coast rivers in south-western Sweden besides Göta river. It is with 244 kilometres one of the longest rivers in southern Sweden.
People have been following the river from the coastal areas since the Viking Age and settling in its vicinity.
Along Lagan was a trading route, the so-called Lagastigen, which is now part of the road E4.’ Wikipedia.

The Swedish Lake

Only a few hours drive from Copenhagen you will find the lovely Swedish countryside.
The bedrock in Denmark is deeply buried under kilometres of thick deposits for about 500 million years ago.
These deposits generally consist of sand, clay, lime, chalk.
In Sweden you always find the bedrock peeping out everywhere.

We visited some family, and the opportunity arose for a walk by an old favourite lake of ours.
For years it was a tradition to take a walk in the forest and around the lake Bräkentorpasjön.
Happily we found that things hadn’t change except for an area swept clean by the storm Gudrun back in 2005.
The Swedes categorise Gudrun as a century storm due to the catastrophic damage it made.

STF Hostel, Linggården in Södra Ljunga is a great place to stay. Nice surroundings and nice people.