The Dark Forests

The trees stand menacing like tall dark figures in the gloomy forest.

Forest lakes that seem abysmal when I try to glimpse the bottom.

A daunting silence –

The smooth surface of the rivers, which are torn by rocks.

Wasn’t that a shadow on the rock?

Didn’t you hear the fiddle?

5 thoughts on “The Dark Forests

    • Hi Sarah and Jay. The huge Swedish forests make an indelible impression. As a child I read about the Water Spirit. A spirit that lures people into death by drowning. A midsummer night in Sweden we passed a house where the tones from a violin floated toward us from an open window. The story about the water spirit popped up as if I had read it the day before. The painting by Ernst Josephson fits well with the mood I find in the Swedish nature. and the folklore that insists on being remembered 😲😁

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