The Swedish Lake

Only a few hours drive from Copenhagen you will find the lovely Swedish countryside.
The bedrock in Denmark is deeply buried under kilometres of thick deposits for about 500 million years ago.
These deposits generally consist of sand, clay, lime, chalk.
In Sweden you always find the bedrock peeping out everywhere.

We visited some family, and the opportunity arose for a walk by an old favourite lake of ours.
For years it was a tradition to take a walk in the forest and around the lake Bräkentorpasjön.
Happily we found that things hadn’t change except for an area swept clean by the storm Gudrun back in 2005.
The Swedes categorise Gudrun as a century storm due to the catastrophic damage it made.

STF Hostel, Linggården in Södra Ljunga is a great place to stay. Nice surroundings and nice people.

19 thoughts on “The Swedish Lake

  1. What an incredibly love place and a brilliant set of photos. It was nice to have a raised walkway thru the forest.

    • Thank you Fred for your nice comment. It never fails to impress me when a path system is optimised in a way like that. A huge effort and enthusiasm lies behind.

  2. What a relief it must have been to see that Gudrun didn’t completely devastate this beautiful area! And how wonderful that you and your family were able to spend some time in this breathtaking part of the country. I especially adore the little stick-man! 🙂

    • It was a storm that affected many people, and unfortunately it was not everyone who was insured. Disasters are going on around us all the time, hopefully we can learn something from them.
      I listened to an interview yesterday taken with a Swedish woman who was alone in her house in the forest when the storm came sweeping through.
      She moved away from the part of the house where the storm was pounding all the time.
      The next morning when she opened the door, the landscape was unrecognisable. The trees were broken like matches.
      Then she crawled, walked two kilometres through the woods because she wanted to see if her sister was still alive. The sister also lived in the forest. Luckily she did.
      We had a memorable walk though the temperature was unusually high consider the season.
      Thanks a lot for you lovely comment, Heide ❤

      • Oh, Hanna … what a harrowing tale about that poor woman and her sister, although I’m relieved to hear they both survived. This happens sometimes in Minnesota with extreme windstorms we call “tornadoes,” and the devastation can be unimaginable. Well, let us hope that the next season of storms won’t be as destructive. xx

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