Outdoor activity and Happiness

Paul Petersens Idrætsinstitut var på Lyngby Sø i dag.

Studerende fra Friluftslinien er ved at certificere sig som Kajak-, Kano- og Skiinstruktører.
Christian Thaulow var med som underviser i kano.

I dag blev der trænet egenfærdighed i Kano. Tidligere øvelser er foregået på foss i Sverige.

Glæde, bevægelse og samarbejde, det er de ord, jeg vil bruge om den herlige udfoldelse, jeg så i dag.


Første gang lykkedes øvelsen ikke, men anden gang –

Tak for en hyggelig snak og bræk en paddel i morgen :-) <3

Paul Petersens Idrætsinstitut

Photografher Terje Sorgjerd, El Teide and the Milky Way

Terje Sorgjerd loves the nature. I think it appears from the brilliant work he has done with still images and videos.

Terje was on Tenerife in 2011 to work. His goal was to make a film about the highest mountain in Spain, El Teide in conjunction with the Milky Way. You may very vell love ‘The Mountain’ as much as I do.

A friend of Terje, Ludovico Einaudi has written the music: “Nuvole bianche”


Terje is on Facebook: TSO Photography


This video makes me sigh for more backcountry :-)

The Beach

I was on my way to a small idyllic beach in North Zealand. My intention was to explore the beach and take pictures but dark clouds were building up. Thunder and crash tumbled in towering cumulus, very odd experience in this time of year.

I found myself on the edge of a front zone. When I looked at south west, it seems like a scene from Mordor and in north east the sun shone and made everything looks like summer idyll. The clouds drifted in the wrong direction. I had to settle for another beach located further south. It would prove to be an interesting spectacle. I turned my bike and headed for safety, comfort and and lovely dry shoes.

Happy Holidays to all of you <3


The beach – Skodsborg Strand

Them Horses

For fast riders
We have fast horses
For slow riders
We have slow horses
For those who have never ridden
We have horses that have
Never been ridden

I found this quatation on Tumblr.
Always share it with those I care for and love. At least it never fails to make me smile.

_DSC3629 _DSC3630

Greetings to the girls on the horseback I met on my way.