The Stone Age Hunters On A Sunny Walk

This was a beautiful sunny day. I went for the open sky, the sheep on the field and the wind in my hair. When my walk was coming to an end I suddenly realised that I stood opposite… Read More

Seven thousand years ago

Two years have passed since I last visited the bog and meadow area, Vedbaek Maglemose and I’m pleased to experience this historic place once again. It’s a thrill to imagine that the sea level was five meters higher… Read More

På vandring i Maglemosen i Vedbæk

Om 22 dage er det forår, skrev jeg i mit sidste indlæg; men foråret kom i går. Jeg trak cyklen ud af skuret, hvor den havde stået siden efteråret. Jeg ville op til Vedbæk, op til Maglemosen. I har… Read More