Seven thousand years ago

Two years have passed since I last visited the bog and meadow area, Vedbaek Maglemose and I’m pleased to experience this historic place once again.

It’s a thrill to imagine that the sea level was five meters higher than today. 7000 years ago, Vedbaek Maglemose was a shallow inlet with large settlements along the shores and on small islets.
The hunters could choose between fishing in the fjord or in the sea. They could hunt and gather nuts and berries in the surrounding forests. The temperature was 2-3 degrees higher than it is today, and many burial mounds and kitchen middens testify that it was a good place to stay.

In connection with the excavation for a new school in Vedbaek in 1975, 17 graves were found from the later Stone Age. The most notable graves are exhibited at Rudersdal museums at Gl. Holtegaard and really worth a visit.


14 thoughts on “Seven thousand years ago

  1. Looks like a very beautiful place. I love too historic places, Hanna. Imagine what could tell us an centuries old tree about history. Thank you for sharing your interesting and beautiful captured trip.

    • Thank you for your lovely comment, Stefan. Some historical sites is steeped in history and this area is such a place. Maybe it has to do with the unique description Rudersdal Museum has given the area and its residents as it was 7,000 years ago.
      All the best,

  2. Your picture is so beautiful! 🙂 It´s very interesting! I love old history and how we lived before, for thousands of years ago. It´s remarkable history the human have.

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