The Stone Age Hunters On A Sunny Walk

This was a beautiful sunny day. I went for the open sky, the sheep on the field and the wind in my hair.
When my walk was coming to an end I suddenly realised that I stood opposite to Rudersdal Museer with the permanent exhibition on the 7000 year old graves from the hunters who lived in Vedbæk in the Stone Age.
I could see three of the most unusual Stone Age graves exhibited and I could see the environment in which the hunters lived and what tools they used.
Some of my photos are from Vedbæk, the area in which the graves were found.


10 Comments on “The Stone Age Hunters On A Sunny Walk

  1. wonderful photos of beautiful landscapes. I must visit Danmark again sometime. Did you shoot the wild pig? hehe, have a nice day, Hanna, regards Mitza

    • Thanks! Mitza. No, I didn’t shoot the wild pig 😀
      I’m happy that I don’t need an arrow to get something to eat 🙂
      Wish you a lovely day too!!

  2. Du har noen virkelig vakre områder å vandre rundt i, og Gamle Holtergaard var virkelig et syn verdt. Vi misunner dere alle disse flotte bygningene 🙂

    • Tusind tak, Rune. Gl. Holtegaard er virkelig en smuk bygning, men det står ikke at sammenligne med Norges fine træhuse ❤ 🙂
      Mange hilsner fra Danmark,

    • Thanks a lot, John. The landscape is lovely and it’s a very nice place to take a walk 🙂

  3. Very interesting, Hanna. Shame about the pig, though. It’s always a good idea to carry a bow and arrow with you!

    • Hi Alen. When you move among Andalusian tigers and bears, a cannon is probably better 🙂 ?

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