A walk among Mesolithic Ancestors

Yesterday I drove to Vedbaek Havn and took great pleasure in the environment before I went for a walk in Maglemosen, a bog with a very interesting history.
A walk I strongly recommend.

For 7,000 years ago, the water level was 5 meters higher in Vedbæk fjord than it is today. Since then the country has risen, and the sea receded.
The average temperature was 2-3 degrees higher than today, and Denmark covered with virgin forest.
Archaeologists estimate that people lived a good life around the fjord. They hunted wild boar, red deer, wild cats, squirrels and deer with bow and arrow. The biggest bow ever found is 195 cm high.
There are thick settlement strata that bear witness to a continuous settlement 5500 – 4500 BC

People back then had a high culture. Bear teeth suggest trading in Skåne. The graves sprinkled with ochre. An infant is laid on a swan’s wing next to his mother, who has rested on a soft leather with sewn-bear teeth. People buried on deer antlers. Waste reveals which animals and plants that were in the area and what kind of fishing gear and weapons the hunters used.

I went to Maglemosen last year in early spring you can see the pictures from the beautiful walk: På vandring i Maglemosen i Vedbæk.

Skærmbillede 2016-07-22 kl. 12.11.18

I kan læse meget mere i Dansk Naturfredningsforenings spændende folder.

11 thoughts on “A walk among Mesolithic Ancestors

  1. ¡Qué interesante! La arqueología nos enseña nuestros orígenes y siempre hay mucho que aprender. Las amapolas danesas se parecen a las amapolas españolas 😉 Buen finde, amiga 🙂

    • Muchos hallazgos interesantes están llevando a cabo en estos años debido a arqueólogos aficionados, que tienen el derecho de ver con detectores de metales, por supuesto, en cooperación con el Estado danés.
      I remember your beautiful photos of Spanish poppies ❤ 🙂

    • Thanks Inger. I could think of a few places in Norway 🙂 🙂
      But the summer is at its best right now and colourful boats reflecting in the water always raise my spirit.

    • It is a fantastic place and it even makes the nature experience more intense because of the tranquillity there. Seventeen graves were found in the bog. I cannot help thinking how people have lived their lives. Hunting, fishing and gathering berries, roots and nuts.
      The harbour is very close however, an entirely different world but very lovely nevertheless 🙂
      Happy weekend, Mitza.

      • that’s really interesting, Hanna. Thanks for explaining this to me. I guess life in former times was hard wherever it was, but it was a lot more calm than today. Happy weekend, Hanna, regards Mitza

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