The weather is cold and grey. The rain is pouring down. What’s the point in going outdoors? I did and if you go close enough you’ll see many colours, amazing shapes and birds.

Among plants and under sea survive lives;
Living beings under camouflage live ever
For security, hunting and survival safely
Wearing the attire Nature has provided!

Grasshoppers, birds, fish and plants live
With natural colours as protection forever!
Chameleons are something different though
Capable of changing colours as to situation!

Even seasons have colours for a change
Winter darkness, summer brightness,
Autumn brownness and spring greenness
Indeed are beautiful and inspiring all lives!

Refraction of colourless water reveals 7 hues
As seven colours of rainbow at the raining times!

An Attire Of Colours In Nature! by Ramesh T A

The Park

Sophienholm is an old country house at Bagsvaerd Lake, built-in 1768-69. Today, the buildings give room for the art museum Sophienholm.
The park is a very popular excursion and makes up a small part of a spectacular greenery.


I’m walking in steep hills among ancient trees in an icy cold rain. I put my course towards the Norwegian Hut.
High above the lake lies the little wooden house as a part of an artistic installation, Eremitagen og bjergbestigersken.
In former time at the same place was a house where poets could sit and write.
In 1993, when the art work was complete, an author could receive the key to the house.
In the middle of the wood with a view over the water artists can meditate or write inspired by nature and tranquillity.
A pale concrete foundation under the house is the starting point for the work of art. The concrete protrusion faces Norway. Thus the name the Norwegian House.

My walk continue towards Sophienholm with its associated buildings and greenhouse. Today I stick to the humble buildings if one might call the Cobra Room for humble.

Some of the most outstanding artists in Denmark are represented at Sophienholm.



Facts about:



Eremitagen og Bjergbestigersken

The Benefit of Nature Experience

Isn’t stunningly beautiful, exclaimed the woman, who was walking towards me. She was well wrapped, but under the hood red curly hair was sticking out over a pair of twinkling blue eyes.
She smiled excited and exclaimed, I don’t understand why I have to convince myself to go for a walk.
The outdoor doesn’t tempt me when I’m sitting at home looking out.
Therefore I cheat and persuade myself that 15 minutes will do me good. And it entices me so in the end I take advantage of that hour I have available at midday.

We chatted a bit more about different natural areas that were worth exploring. She exclaimed that she loved the winding paths, and she loved to set a new course every day. I wonder why I felt so much sympathy 🙂

An hour later I met her again still heading away from her starting point. I failed to mention the highly overdue deadline because she seemed to be floating away with a dreamy expression between gnarled old trees and green moss cushions.

New American research from Standford University in California, shows that walks in the countryside provides lower blood flow in parts of the brain that produces the greatest activity with worries and thoughts.

Gregory Bratman and his colleagues conclude from their research that even short trips are changing the brain and have a measurable impact on negative thoughts

Photo by Hanna Greenwood

Photo by Hanna Greenwood

Er der ikke fantastisk smukt, udbrød kvinden, som kom gående imod mig. Hun var pakket godt ind, men under hætten stak det røde krøllede hår frem over et par tindrende blå øjne. Hun smilede begejstret, og udbrød: Jeg forstår ikke, hvorfor jeg skal overtale mig selv til at komme ud og gå. Vandreture frister mig ikke, når jeg sidder hjemme og kigger ud. Derfor fortæller jeg mig selv, at jeg skal bare gå i et kvarter, og ikke den time, som jeg har til rådighed til mig selv midt på dagen.
Vi sludrede lidt mere om forskellige naturområder, der var værd at udforske. Hun poienterede, at hun elskede de snoede stier, og helst gik en ny vej hver dag. Hvorfor følte jeg så stor sympati?

En time senere mødte jeg hende igen stadigvæk med kurs væk fra hendes startsted. Jeg undlod at omtale den stærkt overskredne tidsfrist, for hun så ud til at svæve afsted med et drømmende udtryk mellem de viltre træer og de grønne mospuder.

Ny amerikansk forskning fra Standford University i Californien, viser at ture i naturen giver lavere blodgennemstrømning i de dele af hjernen, som giver størst aktivitet ved bekymringer og tanker.

Gregory Bratman og hans kollegaer konkluderer på baggrund af deres forskning at selv korte ture forandrer hjernen og har en målbar effekt på negative tanker


God tur og husk madpakken ❤

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