It’s spring.

On my way home I had a joyous walk.
Now children are building tree houses.
Okay! I’ve seen houses that are more sophisticated, but everything counts on a spring day

8 Comments on “It’s spring.

    • The weather is fantastic at the moment. A bit of coolness in the morning and glorious sunshine later in the day. This also applies to the weekend in Denmark and in England too 🙂

  1. How glorious! I can practically smell the flowers through my screen. Even the horses look reborn! Happy spring, Hanna!

    • Thanks Montucky! Spring is a wonderful time. Especially because there is an ease in the leaves of the trees. It’s like a torn veil that allows the beholder to look into an adventure. Though it will only last for a week or so then the leaf is dense,

  2. Who needs a roof in spring time? 🙂 And to answer the above question, indeed I have been out for a walk last friday. In the north of my province, through meadows from one village to another and back. Century-old church paths, cows munching virgin grass, geese flying together to their newly build tree house… ehm wait…. nest. 🙂 It was lovely weather and there is, I was told, more to come!

    • Hi Peter. Your walk sounds like a walk I would enjoy very much. But I’m quite sure that I’m not the only one who likes to get outdoor under those conditions 🙂 …even without a nest 🙂
      The old church paths are always worth a study. I have a fondness for those paths because they add cultural history and atmosphere to the walk
      Tonight and tomorrow strong wind and rain are visiting Denmark. I hope all the fragile small flowers survive the attack.
      Happy walking!!

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