It’s spring in spite of everything!

Today I went for a bike ride. This view is in a short distance from my home.

A popular motif in my local area 🙂

The sun is doing its best and a fresh wind creates ripples on the smooth surface of the river.

It’s spring in spite of everything! Stay Safe, Stay Well Everyone!!!

14 thoughts on “It’s spring in spite of everything!

    • Hi Indah! Thanks a lot. We are trying our best to follow the advice given by the health authorities. It is good to learn that people stick together (by being apart) to fight the virus. It’s important to acquire new habits.
      Hope everything is well with you too!!!
      Stay Safe!!
      All the best,

  1. What a tonic for the soul. It’s been beautiful here too. The bird song seems louder and the sky is so clear—no vapour trails.

    • Good to hear from you, George. They are tough the times we live in, but nature has improved. The air is cleaner and the sky is blue like never before. In the evening we hear Robin singing very loud, and in the morning it ‘s the little King, the wren. The blackbird builds nest in the hedge, and has the most wonderfully nuanced song in the silence. The Mill River is as blue as the sky. I wish the world would stay that way.
      Stay well and stay strong!!
      All the best,

  2. I met Spring the other day. She said: I have to do my thing. I can’t wait till your troubles are over. In some time my brother Summer will take the lead. Maybe he can be of some help. I’ll talk to him soon and put in a good word for you. Till then: good luck and take care. The picture is hopeful Hanna!

    • Peter, thank you for a lovely story and thank you for your recommendation 🙂
      Your story reminded me of a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. ‘Tolv med Posten’ in Danish. It’s a story about the twelve months. About May he comes up with this story:
      “Miss May!” she said. In summer clothes with galoshes; she wore a beech leaf green silk dress, anemones in her hair, and she smelled like that of forest marks, so the turtle had to sneeze. “God bless you!” she said, that was her greeting. Miss May arriving
      All the best and stay safe!

    • Hi Roger. I’ve been thinking about you and how your situation was. Good to hear from you!
      In Denmark, 247 corona-virus infected people are dead.. But – the number of hospitalised are falling for the ninth day in a row. Now it is Easter, with a great tradition of holding Easter dinners.
      In my home we will only call and write to family and friends. A small deprivation compared to an increased spread of infection.
      Stay safe!!

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