8 thoughts on “Children Are Still Biking

  1. Thank you Hanna. We’re quite safe in out little corner of Switzerland, though we are concerned that people will come up to their holiday homes for easter and bring that dreaded virus with them. We’re avoiding the local shop at the weekends (as that’s when visitors tend to arrive). But the shop has been very good at only letting so many people in, provifding hand wash and taping 2 metre yellow lines on the floor. Enjoy your Easter too! (P.S. It’s my birthday an Monday, but don’t tell anyone… I may yet post something. 🤔

    • Thanks for asking, Za K. Ask me when the month has passed 😦
      It’s a nasty, sneaky disease!!! It looks like we have it under control for now. We shut down most of the community about a month ago. However, we still have the opportunity to exercise outdoors if we look out for each other and keep distance. But what will happen when we reopen?
      The plan is to go very gently.
      I hope you are okay?
      Stay safe!

    • Hi Mike. It is still allowed 🙂
      I think we will be challenged in the coming holidays because of the good weather. The Danes have great traditions of gathering at Easter. But now we have to stand the test. After Easter, we intend to open gradually to institutions under very controlled forms.
      Did we abide the rules of keeping distance from each other at Easter? We will know that when a month has passed due to that sneaky virus.
      I hope you are okay!!
      Stay well and Happy Easter 🙂

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