My Favourite Paradise

The smell of the sea and the sunlight playing in the waves.
White seabirds and ancient pines distorted by harsh weather.
An old murky house that immediately makes me think of smuggling raids and devious deals.
The old forest with shady winding paths, the moor and the burial mounds. A Paradise.

Dansk maler; Viggo Christian Frederik Vilhelm Pedersen
Udsigt over Tisvilde
Birth: 1854 Death: 1926

Dansk maler; P.C. Skovgaard
Udkanten af Tisvilde Hegn. Blæst
Birth: 1817 Death: 1875

8 thoughts on “My Favourite Paradise

    • Hi Alexander! Thanks a lot for that. I find much happiness in doing so. At the same time I learn about the old painters – a true adventure 🙂

    • Hi Mike. I forgot to tell about the elf people in the forest. It is an unhealthy place to walk when darkness come! Maybe you disappear and become completely gone 🙂 Or at best, you may be lost for many hours.
      Your walk looks glorious to put it mildly 🙂
      PS I’ll keep an eye out for day 6!!

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