Thieves’ corner

Thieves’ corner! This is where abominable greedy men with murky faces hide their precious loot. They watch greedily, while tons of gold ducats, jewellery and gems are poured into treasure chests.
Are you still with me?

That’s the picture I see when I stumble across the place-name Tyvekrogen in English; thieves’ corner. But alas! The reality is less colourful. At least when I search the web.

On the other hand I’ve never checked those houses. That’s a comfort if you just like me are greatly entertained by good stories 😊

Note: Thieves’ corner is a remote clearing surrounded by scrub and woodland.

This is from a joyous walk between two lakes: Vejlesø and Furesøen.

A little note: The residential roads are among the most expensive neighbourhoods in North Zealand – apart from the fishermen’s cabins 😉