Ancient Roads In Winter

Do you recognise the ambience, the mood in the landscape. I can almost smell the snow. I love that smell.

Danish painter Anders Andersen-Lundby (1841–1923)
Winter landscape with a horse-drawn cart.
Oil on canvas, A Andersen Lundby München 1887.
Wikimedia Commons

Anders Andersen-Lundby found many motives in Bavaria where he lived with his family from 1876 until his dead in 1923. He was known for his beautiful snow landscapes.

I always think of Harrevad Bridge when I see Winter Landscape with a Horse-drawn Cart. Most of all because of the history which is attached to the bridge.

Harrevad Bridge, Harrevad Bro, Hareskoven

Harrevad Bridge is part of an ancient ford

Through centuries, travellers crossed the ford at Harrevad Bridge. Down towards the bridge exist several sunken ancient roads caused by people who have walked with their ox and horse-drawn carts in all kind of weather.

I had a wonderful winter walk in Hareskoven years back when snow added a beautiful mood to the landscape. It was only just that I got out of the forest before it got dark, very dark – no moon 🥴🙂

6 thoughts on “Ancient Roads In Winter

    • Hi George. Transformation is an appropriate word for the winter magic.
      We had wonderful snowy days last winter but eight years ago the winter was thrilling in more than one way. We had to cancel our journey to Sweden where we celebrate Christmas. The roads were closed. But looked at the result of the snow storm: Christmas Spirit
      Wish you a merry Christmas!

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