Inspiration for an Eerie Post

Caspar David Friedrich

I’m at Mariebjerg Cemetery. I’m here to find inspiration for an eerie post.
The inspiration comes faster than expected. I have just found the mausoleums where the coffins show themselves as dark diffuse subjects.

The remnants of daylight flicker in the darkness of the burial chamber as trees wave in the wind. It creates the illusion that the coffins are moving.

I know my time is short. I’m talking photography 🙂 The clouds look threatening and I expect heavy rain every moment.
Due to the weather, the cemetery seems darker than usual.

Suddenly, the clouds are torn by lightning followed by a thunderous blast that seems to shake everything around me.
At that moment, the sky opens and the rain pours down.
I feel very vulnerable. I am surrounded by tall trees. A bad place in thunderstorms. A grave digger has left a door open to a smaller dark building, near to the mausoleums.
I feel a creeping horror as I consider going in there, but a fierce lightning followed by a huge rumble determines the outcome.
I run past the graves, and into the dark building.

My heart almost stops, for at that moment an ear-splitting scream sounds, as a cat leaps up from its hiding place.
The room is creepy. Small coffins are stacked up in a corner against the wall. There is a pervasive odor of moisture and rot.

Calm down! I’m trying to reassure myself. After all, it’s just a building for the use of tools and similar objects.
A new lightning bursts the sky and in the short-lived light I detect a movement from the upper coffin.
The lid begins to slide aside.

The furious weather becomes like a dear old friend.
I disregard all safety regulations regarding thunderstorms, and flee through the cemetery, and out into normality.

Lightning and thunder take turns, but I don’t care.
My thin rain jacket has surrendered, and the icy rain has reached my body, but that means nothing in comparison to the cemetery.

Talk to Your Corona – A Talking Mutation?

“Talk to your Corona!”

Was I also infected without knowing it? Mind you that’s nothing to joke about! And even a talking mutation?

I’d just updated the PC and the Start menu was open. I read it again and find no Corona but Microsoft’s assistant, Cortana.

That tells me that I should concentrate on things other than viruses and mutations.

I’m tired just like Bilbo when he was wearing the Ring for too long: “I’m starting to feel it in my heart. I feel thin, sort of stretched. Like butter scraped over too much bread. ” * I’ve been worried for too long.

Despite the many tragedies caused by the Corona, the sun will melt the snow, and spring will come with renewed hope.

Never yet was a springtime, when the buds forgot to bloom.
~ Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

A wonderful walk in spring along Esrum Lake, Denmark

A wonderful walk in spring along Esrum Lake, Denmark

A wonderful walk in spring along Esrum Lake, Denmark

A wonderful walk in spring along Esrum Lake, Denmark

May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live. ~ An Irish Saying

*Bilbo Baggins, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)