Denmark’s Cradle and Beowulf

The story of Beowulf has inspired throughout the world and I’m no exception. I’m standing in the entrance to the huge hall, that is, the excavation. The hall is a conclusive evidence that there were kings in Lejre… Read More

The Mighty Heorot Hall in Denmark

I like to think that the Heorot Hall was placed in Lejre. Heorot Hall explained on Wikipedia Nevertheless archaeologists have found evidence that Lejre has been a mighty centre of power from the years 500 to 1000 AD…. Read More

Beowulf, The Danish King Roar and the Heorot

There are moments in my life that has established themselves as Oscar-winning films. Oscars for best scenario and best plots. There is the story of Beowulf who hears about friends who are in need in Denmark. He comes… Read More