Travelling by Train

I like to travel by train when I go exploring. Even a little walk gives the feeling of freedom when I travel out one way, and come home the other way.

When Views Are Important: My walk in North Zealand

Train, Walk and Explore: A story about Romsdalen in Norway

Hang in there, dream now, visit the off beaten track later. Recommendations from the Norwegian adventurer, Jens A. Riisnæs

Getting around in Norway

*Maybe I should mention that I haven’t been on a bus or train for over a year due to Corona.

7 thoughts on “Travelling by Train

  1. Love trains too, not enough lines here. But the other week we had our first ride since Covid, on a new line from Edinburgh to the Scottish Borders, with a great walk along the Tweed at the end. Hope for more to come!

    • Hi Margaret. I had to see what landscape you drove through, and how the landscape was along the Tweed.
      After that, I went for a walk on St Abb’s Head and enjoyed the view of the ocean and getting wind in my hair.
      The wild heart of the Cairngorms and the Linn of Dee Trail were absolutely stunning.
      WWW is awesome 🙂
      I really hope you will extend your train rides and have some wonderful memories!!
      All the best,

  2. Such gorgeous scenery and a train is certainly a wonderful way to travel and enjoy the views!

    • Thanks for that, George!! I think things look brighter due to the vaccinations program and summer. I hope the world avoids more serious illness later in the autumn.
      I went out to the sea today and that experience was glorious. Lots of sun, wind, waves and boats.
      Very life-affirming. One has to keep a window open towards brighter times.
      All the best,

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