24 thoughts on “Chasing Thunderstorms

    • I love the colour of a thundercloud. It creates the drama that a rolling thunder deserves. The bright yellow field is a skilled lighting technician 😀
      Thanks a lot, Tanja!!

    • I love the golden field trimmed with a green verge, the nice rich green for the other half of the foreground, and the fence and winding road pointing toward the horizon, dark sky, a really successful composition.

      • What a lovely compliment, Robert! One has to be there in the right moment. It’s a wonderful challenge 😊 Thanks a lot!!

    • Peter! I only go chasing them in a car!!😁😁
      I deliberately went for the awesome contrast between the DARK CLOUDS and the golden fields. Love that hunt 😀

    • Thank you, Ab!! In fact, there were several unique shapes and contrasts but ‘thunder moments’ are fleeting! 😊

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