Weather Change Happens Fast

I was in the middle of the forest. The clouds gathered and grew darker.
Soon I saw glimpses between the trees, the thunderstorm was over me.
I hate that! Suddenly you are turned into something very vulnerable and there was no car parked around the next corner.
Hours ago I went out of a bus with the intention of having a good long walk towards another bus on the edge of the forest.
I had to come up with a new idea also there were no mobile network.
Large old trees loomed in front of me on the narrow forest trail.
I had to find shelter fast. No more time to waste on my useless telephone.
My speed went up as the first rain started to fall.
Soon there were small rivers where nice trails had been just moments ago.
Weather change and consequences happens fast during these times.
I kept myself to the middle of the trail as the rain was pouring down and the thunderstorm grew in intensity.
Suddenly I heard a sound behind me and a runner passed me. We exchanged a few words urging on to each of our shelters.
Somehow it was nice to meet another human being in the middle of chaos.
When I found my bus at last I was completely soaked but very glad to be safe.
The following picture isn’t from that day.
I hadn’t got the time 🙂