The Marvellous Sky

Light! We spoke photography and light.
When I got home I thought about the sea.
Is there anything better than the light by the sea?
It was to be the mountains: Norway, Valdresflya.
The wide view and a marvellous experience of the sky.
The picture below is from Hundested, North Zealand, Denmark.

8 thoughts on “The Marvellous Sky

    • Hi Linda. The coastline of Denmark is 8,750 km long. All the islands included. The coasts are highly varied, making coastal walking an exciting sport. I have walked in Hundested on many stormy days. It is a breathtaking place that also carries the memory of the Danish polar explorer Knud Rasmussen. His house still stands at the top of the hill and are a museum today. Here he planned his next expeditions to Greenland with the beautiful sea at his feet ❤
      Thanks a lot!!

  1. Ah, the marvellous sky indeed! It is one of the reasons we moved to northern Jylland. The marvellous skies… And no, there is nothing better than the light by the sea ❤

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