The Marvellous Sky

Light! We spoke photography and light.
When I got home I thought about the sea.
Is there anything better than the light by the sea?
It was to be the mountains: Norway, Valdresflya.
The wide view and a marvellous experience of the sky.
The picture below is from Hundested, North Zealand, Denmark.

8 thoughts on “The Marvellous Sky

  1. Ah, the marvellous sky indeed! It is one of the reasons we moved to northern Jylland. The marvellous skies… And no, there is nothing better than the light by the sea ❤

    • Hi Linda. The coastline of Denmark is 8,750 km long. All the islands included. The coasts are highly varied, making coastal walking an exciting sport. I have walked in Hundested on many stormy days. It is a breathtaking place that also carries the memory of the Danish polar explorer Knud Rasmussen. His house still stands at the top of the hill and are a museum today. Here he planned his next expeditions to Greenland with the beautiful sea at his feet ❤
      Thanks a lot!!

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