Gurre, a Legendary Place

‘If God in heaven will let me have Gurre, then I will let him have Heaven.’
Because of this blasphemy, King Valdemar is doomed to ride in Gurre every night

The romance and mystery associated with Gurre is created by many great poets.
The inspiration is easy to understand when you have wandered in Gurre and experienced the silence at dusk.


The bluish twilight now damper
every sound of sea and land,
the fleeing clouds are encamped
to rest on the edge of heaven.

Compacted to soundless weight
is the forest airy stay
and the lake’s clear waves
have cradled themselves to rest.

In the west, the sun casts
from her radiant purple dress
and pulls over the waves
and dreams of the day’s splendour.

Not the smallest leaf is moving
and call upon my senses,
Not the slightest sound is heard
that seduced the senses to dance.

No, every power is lost
in the river of dreams
and pushes me gently and silent
back to myself…

Jacobsen, J. P., Samlede Værker III, 1924-29

I did a translation of the first verse, Gurresange, despite the risk of violate the treasure from Jens Peter Jacobsen’s pen.

Gurre Castle


Gurre Songs is written by the Danish poet; Jens Peter Jacobsen
Rainer Maria Rilke learned Danish and translated Gurre Songs to German
Twelve Tone Music inventor, Arnold Schoenberg, composed music to Jens Peter Jacobsen’s Gurre Songs (Gurrelieder premiered in 1913 in Vienna)

26 thoughts on “Gurre, a Legendary Place

    • It is a privilege to work with words legends and landscape when there exist a layer of that kind of quality ❤
      Wish you happy days, Resa xxx

    • Hi Mei. Thanks a lot for that. It’s the right time of the year for a low-lying sun ❤
      Wish you wonderful mountain-days xx

    • It’s been a pleasure to work with such nature and poetry. A wonderful way to spend some time 🙂
      Thanks a lot for your encouragement!!

    • Thanks a lot, Peter!! Gurre inspires! Often I have wandered the lake and the surrounding forests, but after reading Jens Peter Jacobsen’s poetry, the area has been given a new meaning for me.

  1. From your photos and Jacobsen’s pen, I’m inclined to wonder who needs heaven if you have Gurre?

    • Thank you, George 🙂 You should see when the white wildflowers spread their blankets beneath the bright green beech trees or in winter, when the snow dampens all sounds and turns the whole area into another new adventure.
      I’m a little careful about my wishes. I love Gurre but there are a few places more that I would love to explore 🙂

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