One thing you have to do

Find your own special hideaway
A meadow where swallows are practising on their long flight to Africa
A faerie forest where you can go for a walk and get lost among elves
A cove by the sea where you can go for a late night swim
A secret cave where you can seek shelter for the storm
Or a lovely lake where you can catch a fish for your dinner
The possibilities are endless and the only limit is your imagination

The Hideaway or even better ‘Smultronstället’

Do you have a smultronställe?

A smultronställe is a Swedish term for a place that is an undervalued gem. A place to feel comfortable, and hard for others to find. Often a place with a personal and emotional value. Literally smultronställe means a place of wild strawberries.

I have a smultronställe in Norway with an incredibly beautiful view. It is also a place that has challenged and enriched me. Fortunately, I have my places in Denmark too.

Har du et Smultronställe? Smultron betyder skovjordbær; et sted med skovjordbær.

Et smultronställe er en svensk betegnelse for et sted, der er en undervurderet perle. Et sted, hvor man føler sig godt tilpas, og som er svært for andre at finde. Ofte har  stedet en personlig og følelsesmæssig værdi.

Jeg har et smultronställe i Norge med en utrolig smuk udsigt. Det er også et sted, der har udfordret og beriget mig. Heldigvis har jeg også mine steder i Danmark.