The Hideaway or even better ‘Smultronstället’

Do you have a smultronställe?

A smultronställe is a Swedish term for a place that is an undervalued gem. A place to feel comfortable, and hard for others to find. Often a place with a personal and emotional value. Literally smultronställe means a place of wild strawberries.

I have a smultronställe in Norway with an incredibly beautiful view. It is also a place that has challenged and enriched me. Fortunately, I have my places in Denmark too.

Har du et Smultronställe? Smultron betyder skovjordbær; et sted med skovjordbær.

Et smultronställe er en svensk betegnelse for et sted, der er en undervurderet perle. Et sted, hvor man føler sig godt tilpas, og som er svært for andre at finde. Ofte har  stedet en personlig og følelsesmæssig værdi.

Jeg har et smultronställe i Norge med en utrolig smuk udsigt. Det er også et sted, der har udfordret og beriget mig. Heldigvis har jeg også mine steder i Danmark.

25 thoughts on “The Hideaway or even better ‘Smultronstället’

    • Thanks Alen. The place reminds me of a place in the Norwegian mountains where we once sought shelter from thunderstorms. Such places always remain in my memory. It has probably something to do with our inherited genetics from the Mesolithic era 🙂

    • Es una alegría para hacer estas fotos, Barbara. A pesar de que habría sido un bonito desafío para hacer una película que tuvo lugar en la antigua Suecia.
      Feliz fin de semana para ti y un fuerte abrazo también ❤

  1. What a fantastic word! I love it and intend to use it in conversations and writing now. Thank you for sharing this. I have a few smultronställen (is that the plural form?) that I escape to regularly. 🙂

    • I love the word and the meaning too.
      The Swedish language resembles the Danish quite a lot, and that is where the pitfalls are hidden.
      But I search and found that plural is called: Smultronställen ❤ 🙂 So you were right in your assumption.
      I think I will go hunting for some new smultronställen. Really can't get enough of them ! 🙂

    • Places with a beautiful view and atmosphere are balm for the soul. It is almost like diving among funny coloured fish 🙂 ❤
      Thank you, Indah!

    • Gracias, Jacintº! 🙂 Érase una vez en Noruega una señora me dijo que yo había heredado una clave para un reino a causa de mi entusiasmo y amor por la naturaleza. Es cierto que soy una mujer rica.
      Tenemos buen tiempo con un cielo azul claro, por lo que es un maestro de iluminación superior en el trabajo mientras yo tomo fotos en mi smultronställe 🙂

  2. Oh, I have smultronställen – a couple of them. I like your explanation of what it means – and I agree. I have one or two quite close to me, so that I can go whenever i want. In Norway I have one place and in the Azores I have three places. So…to be a true smultronställe I believe it should be possible to reach rather easily or in a short time. My most magnificent places are those in the Azores, but I do not know if I will ever return…

    • Leya, I’m relieved that I have managed to identify a Swedish national term: A smultronställe 🙂
      If I need to travel some distance to get to my smultronställe my memories enhanced and the place conquerors my heart. Though I like them close too ❤
      After I published the post my memory suddenly took me to a special place on Corsica and of course to another stunning place in Norway 🙂
      I have recently seen some pictures from the Azores and they were breathtaking!!
      Volcanoes have a special ability to beautify the environment, both in terms of exuberance and level differences. Maybe it's a way to say sorry to spew fire and ash 🙂

  3. Beautiful Photos! Do you use Photoshop for these blur effects? Nice meaning ..Smultronställe… I have my ‘smult’ here, in my mountains , not so far from my city, but… enough to relax and live the nature 😀

    • Thank you for the compliment. My camera have several effects from which I can choose. Recently I discovered a new one – the blurred effect. I’ve had the camera for 4 years now 😀
      How lucky you are to have mountains so close to you. I’m glad to hear that you take advantage of it and have your own smultronställe too ❤ 🙂

  4. Beautiful photos! I’ll have to look for my smultronställe here in Chicago. In a city of 4 million people, that might be tough to find! 🙂

    • Hi Alison! Thanks a lot. I know what you mean. When people live close there are many takers.
      Even I have a problem at the moment when some of my places recently were listed on World Heritage sites 🙂
      Anyway I cannot compete with four million inhabitants!
      Good luck with the Smultronställe!!!

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