The ‘Smultronställen’ at Bräkentorpasjön


I’ve heard many stories about the country life in Sweden from ours friends who were born and raised there. I have had the pleasure walking in their footsteps, literally.
They grew up with a solid traditions for outdoor life. They have a close and respectful relationship with nature, which they have passed on to their children and grandchildren.

Grandchildren? Yes! The first is on the way ❤
Good luck on the mountain, in the woods, on the horse and in the forest lake …

The pictures below are from Rude Skov and Jægersborg Dyrehave in Denmark.

Farewell to the Farm
The coach is at the door at last;
The eager children, mounting fast
And kissing hands, in chorus sing:
Good-bye, good-bye, to everything!
To house and garden, field and lawn,
The meadow-gates we swang upon,
To pump and stable, tree and swing,
Good-bye, good-bye, to everything!
And fare you well for evermore,
O ladder at the hayloft door,
O hayloft where the cobwebs cling,
Good-bye, good-bye, to everything!
Crack goes the whip, and off we go;
The trees and houses smaller grow;
Last, round the woody turn we sing:
Good-bye, good-bye, to everything!
By Robert Louis Stevenson


Rude Skov Naturskole

20 thoughts on “The ‘Smultronställen’ at Bräkentorpasjön

    • One can accomplish much in bed the question is how great a writer Stevenson would have been without his TB. One can only guess 🙂
      Thanks Alen!

  1. Looks like a lovely place. What did you use to process your photos into – perhaps – acrylic paintings? The Barn and all the colourful people in the field are my favourites from this technique.

    • The water colour in the Barn and the small people in the field pictures, is a choice I can make in my camera: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100.
      I used FotoSketcher in the first picture.
      Thanks ❤

  2. Entrañable relato de este escocés “contador de historias”. Las fotografías también son de un colorido increíble, has acertado en el tratamiento (creo que es de pintura al “fresco” ?), les acentúa el tono y las hace más artísticas. Como suele decirse, ¡stunning work! . Un abrazo.

    • Hay tantas opciones cuando se trata de dar una imagen de una expresión particular. “El tono que acentúa y los hace más artística” eso es exactamente mi opinión también 🙂
      Mi único problema es que me podría sentar durante horas tratando diferentes métodos pero hay un límite para todo, incluso las horas del día 🙂
      Un abrazo a ti también,

  3. Beautiful! Sweden is just amazingly beautiful. I have been to Malmo and Gothenburg both beautiful cities but one day I hope to visit the country side…where the heart of the country truly is.

    • It is so true. Sweden is a beautiful country but even though it is so close to Denmark, nature is very different. Many places in Sweden rock layers can be seen in the landscape. In Denmark it is hidden under several kilometers of glacial deposits. That makes a big visual impression. I hope you are going to the country side soon 🙂
      Thanks for visiting,

      • Dear Hanna,

        Yes, I hope so too…but I have to say that beside the Landscape the people are my biggest attraction. Both time I have been to Denmark and Sweden I have a wonderful experience.



    • Robert Louis Stevenson tiene mucho que ofrecer y es una alegría para entrar en su mundo de fantasía. Estoy feliz de que te guste en mi post, Magnoliae ❤
      Un gran abrazo,

  4. Hermosa historia la que has contado con esta serie fotográfica. Me ha gustado mucho.
    El tratamiento (acabado) que has dado a las fotografías es precioso y va muy bien con la historia.
    Saludos Hanna y buen fin de semana.

    • Gracias por tu comentario preciosa, Leo. Es divertido trabajar con diferentes efectos, y evaluar cómo encajan con la luz y el tema.
      Les deseo un buen fin de semana también, Leo 🙂

  5. What a coincidence that you’ve mentioned friends who’ve grown up on farms and shared this lovely poem and pictures as I’ve just been looking at old photographs of my children and their life in the Australian outback. I was thinking of writing a blog post about that time. The landscape was not green like your beautiful collection here though. Have a lovely weekend, Hanna. 🙂

    • I hope you kept your inspiration, Jane 🙂
      It is easy to imagine the romance in the old days in the countryside but it ha been hard too. One was closer to nature in all ways.
      I’m looking foreward to see your children in the Australian outback 🙂 🙂
      Happy weekend to you too ❤

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