The Need of Positive Stories

I need positive stories and I’m not getting them from the news.

January 2023 is the hottest and wettest month on record. Fields are under water and inflation presents many people with challenges. And sadly there is a war going on too.
That’s for Europe alone! Oh! I forgot the Corona scourge.

January is a dark month, particular with the absent of snow.
So I need positive stories and nature doesn’t fail!

Yesterday I saw the little white-throated dipper. It was in a good mood. That’s my own opinion 😉😊 The bird had taken up residence on a rock, if it wasn’t walking around the bottom of the fast-flowing stream in search of spring fly larvae and other goodies.
The bird nodded and preened its feathers and tilted with its tail. Quite a ballet, I think.

The white stag and the white-throated dipper are my crown jewels.
Though the green mosses that light up on fallen trees in the forest floor are marvellous too.
The trees are allowed to stay to support birds with food, they find in cracks and under the bark.

And I forgot all the nice people who are out enjoying nature too. The good talks, many smiles and the enthusiasm! It is uplifting.

Nature is incredible, enchanting, stimulating, sublime, extraordinary, staggering, impressive…

Happy Walks ❤️

23 thoughts on “The Need of Positive Stories

  1. The white stag is magnificent! Where would we be without walks in nature? I shudder to think about it, as it keeps me going. Wishing you more peaceful nature time.

    • Thank you Julie for your comment!!
      It’s amazing to know what gift nature has to offer!!
      That implies that we explore nature to meet the need. Moving around in nature makes us healthier and because we come to love nature, we also take care of it. It’s a win win🤗
      It’s an easy conclusion, but it goes some way –
      It still amazes me when I meet people for whom nature is of no importance. I think some of them lack the right introduction.
      Years ago I wrote this post about if you become ill:
      Wishing you a wonderful outdoor time ❤️

  2. The white stag looks absolutely magical and majestic. It’s been very grey over here too so this was nice injection of sunny and happy!

    • Thank you, Ab.
      Today there is a storm coming up and tomorrow there is hope for sunshine and clear skies.
      In reality, it’s nice to have a bit of variety as far as the weather is concerned.
      I hope another injection is on its way 😉😊

  3. Nature is always there quietly getting on with life. What a shame we humans don’t seem able to do the same. Thank you for sharing your woods with us. Enjoy your own walks this year.

  4. Meget god overskrift. Ting vi kan gøre noget for at ændre skylder vi at gøre asap – har derfor aldrig eksempelvis nytårsforsætter, søger altid at gøre ønskelige ændringer så hurtigt som muligt. Kommer nu til pointen at “min overfladiskhed bunder ikke så dybt” ifald læses verdenen “bogstav for bogstav” så er der rigtigt meget ubærligt i verdenen – så meget der er til at tudvræle over. Derfor må vi “altid kigge på de lyse sider af livet” som afsættelse (som Monty Phyton udtrykte det i slut 70erne). Den mørke side af livet, må søges på alle måder at kaste lys på for at kunne oplyses. Vi kan lære noget alle steder – om ikke andet så hvad der er forkert. Modvind er måske mere lærende på en måde end medvind – det gælder nok også vintervejr. 🙂

    • Tak for den kommentar 😊😊
      “Alle taler om vejret, men ingen gør noget ved det”! Nu skrives der også, at det var Mark Twain og ikke Storm P. der kom først med det ordsprog. Men jeg kom ihvertfald til at tænke på Storm P.
      Jeg har tror aldrig, jeg har anvendt nytårsforsæt. I det hele taget er jeg helt enig med dig, selvom ordet ‘overspringshandlinger’ er mig bekendt. Læs: Ønskelige ændringer så hurtigt …
      En varm hilsen til dig, Drake med ønsket om medvind i vintervejr 😉😊

    • Hi Mike. The over 1,000 hectare area contains a varied landscape with both forest, lakes, open spaces and hills. Jægersborg Dyrehave is a Danish landscape which has been practically untouched for 350 years.
      The population of deer is regulated to 2,000 heads. Out of the many deer, 15-20 are white.
      The deer are used to people, but they are not tame!!
      There have been grazing deer in Dyrehaven since 1670.
      It’s really captivating to walk in the park when you know it like the back of your hand.
      It’s probably a park, but it’s big and hides many incredible nature experiences 🤗❤️

    • Thanks a lot for the advice, Ash! I have read some reviews of the book and they are good.
      The Guardian’s assessment is not so flattering.
      However, I have thrown my penchant into adventures with accompanying trolls and villains, princesses and anti-heroes, in wild nature of course 🤗😊 – It’s probably the age 😄

    • Lovely to hear from you, Donna!
      I know a coach. If you ask him if he has any favorite places in nature, he answer: Earth. Every piece of nature contains something unique. That is an underlining of your comment and I agree. A world is waiting to be explored 🙂
      All the best,

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