If You become Ill

It might be good to live in the city, I thought. Being anonymous and still be whole as a human being. But no one had told me that the stars were invisible at the famous main street in the city.¹

What kind of view would you prefer if you were confined to bed with a prolonged illness?
I have asked that question before on my blog and I still find the issue interesting.
Yesterday I visited Copenhagen. The newly constructed Copenhagen built up against Nokken, and Amager Fælled, a nature reserve.

I glanced into the courtyard of an expensive property. The sun was shining, but not inside the courtyard. It had a gloomy expression. Not a single tree was to discern.
It’s not a new wisdom that green areas have a therapeutic effect on humans, yet the high residential houses are built much to close to each other. Not even a vague desire is left for a garden chair in a sunbeam.
Studies show that we recover more quickly overlooking a green area. There is also evidence that our stress levels decrease in natural areas.
Perhaps we stay strong and healthy in green surroundings? Environments that invite us outside. Entice us to move around along lakes over hills and through forests.

Then we might start eating to live and not vice versa.

Nokken is located on the southernmost part of Islands Brygge, a former industrial neighborhood. In the early 1930s, some fishermen started to build small houses down to the water front.
Now there are allotments, overlooking the tall new residences. Fortunately, the harbor entrance creates a space between the two worlds, the green and the gray concrete.


¹ Inspiration: Harvest A/S

11 thoughts on “If You become Ill

  1. Some beautiful shots, Hanna!
    Science is of course right here…but why are we not following good advice? Money of course…and cities will be cities, no matter how many green areas there are. I could never live in a city. When I moved out from home, I lived one year in an apartment with no balcony…I almost lost my mind. Still I like visiting cities because of some great architecture and the rich cultural life. Some cities I find beautiful – but I would never be able to live there.

    • Thank you so much, Leya. I know it’s a question of money. The problem as I see it, is that in the short term there is easy money to earn. In the larger perspective, I have no doubt that there is a huge profit; improved well-being and economic prosperity by organising cities / residential’s with green areas and ‘green houses’.
      Kjell Nilsson is a landscape architect and adjunct professor at Copenhagen University.
      He points out that the authorities should require that a certain percentage were of green buildings, and this is of course much easier with new buildings.
      Kjell Nilsson mentions Malmö Municipality with Western Harbour, 2001, and Berlin’s “Biotopflächen factor”
      Let’s get Babylon’s Hanging Gardens back if they ever existed 🙂 🙂

  2. Very interesting thought, Hanna. I would probably describe myself as a city person, because I love the culture and society. But on the other hand I also know the healing effect of nature, which is why I love hiking. The answer is probably in the development of housing and hospitals that leave room for nature. Love, Peggy

    • Hi Peggy. I’m just like you. However, I am probably more inclined to the country life.
      New land is like a New Year, a blank page full of possibilities. I once watched a construction site in Sweden. The ground consisted of a small forest. But rather than bulldozing all the trees, they only cleared the trees where the buildings should be. It might have been a much more laborious process but the result was wonderful.
      The way you describe your feelings when you put on your rucksack is highly recognisable 🙂 🙂
      I’m in love with the outdoors. Can’t get enough of it.
      All the best!!!

    • Thanks a lot for visiting, Peter. Copenhagen offers so many spectacular sights. The harbour and green areas are important players in the whole experience!! I find that makes the city alive.

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